20 ways to jump start your creativity

~take a walk
~leave your phone at home
~go screen free for an hour, a day, a week...
~bake something, maybe a loaf or two of pumpkin bread
~try a new medium of art. Paint, draw, knit, crochet, collage, calligraphy.
~take yourself on a date to someplace you've always wanted to go
~play tourist in your town or city
~read outside your usual genre
~write outside of your usual genre
~make a list of things you love
~make a list of words that start with a specific letter
~make a list of lists you want to make
~give yourself permission to daydream
~think about what you used to love as a child
~watch a favorite movie with the intent of noticing something new
~look for patterns, in nature, in your daily activities, in your thought patterns
~go outside and sit with your eyes closed for ten minutes
~follow a butterfly
~journal. Write without stopping, even if you only write one word over and over and over again... see what comes up
~move with the intent of exploration and a sense of curiosity, always

*next week we will be traveling, so there will not be a blog post and the monthly newsletter will go out the second Thursday of the month instead of the first. Take care!*


  1. leave your phone at home....that would be a challenge!! I've been trying my best to surround myself with supportive habits to be creative but then life gets in the way. I try to focus on what I did accomplish even though distractions were rampant!!


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