spring, distractions, and the homestretch

It's spring here in Massachusetts, finally. 

That means school work, knitting, lunch, and mugs of tea on the porch. Toes warmed by the sun, and sweaters around our shoulders for when the wind inevitably starts up. It's a season of in between, especially in New England, where the weather can change abruptly, but we always hope for the best, knowing to always prepare for four seasons within one day. 

The weather and all of it's changes, the forsythia blooming at rapid speed, changing moment to moment, it's all a beautiful distraction for creative folks. There's so much to look at, to take in, it's a smorgasbord of sensory experiences. And let me tell you, I am easily distracted these days.

I'm at the tail end of the fourth draft of my novel, and I'm ready to be done. By the next blog post it should be completed - fingers and toes crossed. 

This isn't much of a post today, just a place holder until next week. My brain is tired, my creative energy is being used elsewhere, and I so desperately want to finish this book. I posted on Instagram Stories that I'm over it, and wish I had given myself a harder deadline than the end of April, because I never finish early. I'm a procrastinator, and yet a work horse, and would have finished weeks ago if I set the date as such. Now I know. Instead, I've worked slowly, methodically, through this draft with lots of wiggle room and places to move lazily along. Days off, sick days or busy days. Days to lose a bit of motivation... 

But here we go, into the homestretch. Until next week... 


  1. congrats on the homestretch! That must feel good to be so close to being finished :)

  2. Spring is here in Connecticut as well, and I think I've caught some of your spring fever! It feels so good to go out without a coat on and I've had a bumper crop of daffodils in the yard this year. I am so enjoying reading about your progress on your novel and am ESPECIALLY looking forward to publishing your interview next week! : )


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