In defense of February

Here in the Northern Hemisphere we are firmly planted in winter. And I've got a confession to make: I love February. 

Hear me out!

I know it's an unpopular position, but I adore February, and I wholeheartedly love winter. I get it, SAD and the cold and heating bills and ice and germs... I've heard it a million times, and I understand. I do. There are specific hardships that occur in the winter months, no doubt. 

But I still think February is a gorgeous month that doesn't get nearly enough credit. And so, without further adieu, here is my list of ten reasons why I love February:

  • The way the light plays on either end of the day. Wisps of pink and orange dance across the sky, and spread more and more every morning and evening.
  • There is no escape, no between seasons, no temperatures faking us out and tempting us to put away one set of clothes for another. We are neither at the beginning nor the tale end. We are in it. And there's a beauty to that, I think. Whether it's being planted in the middle of a season, or in the middle of deep soul work, or in the depths of a project where you can't really see how it's possible to give up, but there's also just a hint at the end. Deep work. That's what February is.
  • Frost pictures on the windows. Delicate designs appear in the morning as if out of nowhere, each design as different and unique as snowflakes.
  • Valentine's Day. And not for the reasons you may think, as my husband and I rarely celebrate each other on this day, but for the children. How excited they get, and how they don't know that it's a Hallmark holiday. There's an innocence to the holiday that's been long forgotten. The care that goes into hand drawn hearts and homemade cookies is priceless.
  • The beach in winter. Walks along the beach in February are heaven. It's quiet and still, and if you're lucky there's a snowbank to crawl over and frozen seaweed to navigate and a plethora of beach treasures to find. The beach during winter is a reminder that our planet is bigger than us, and it ebbs and flows with not only the tide, but the seasons. We'd be lucky to remember that on a regular basis. 
  • Snow. As of right now, we're lacking in the snow department (I know many of you are knee and hip deep in it though!), and I've got two children who are desperate to use their snowshoes and sleds... honestly? I'm right there with them. There's an absolute and utter joy that comes from sledding, and a peace unlike any other transcends when you walk through quiet, snowy woods. 
  • Cancelled plans. This time of year they happen for many reasons, and the only thing I've found to manage disappointment is simply embracing cancellations. And as an introvert who would be happy in a Hobbit hole with a stack of books... cancelled plans sometimes feel like a gift. 
  • No creepy crawlers. No ticks. No ants (though I did spot two the other day... hardy suckers...). No mosquitoes. 
  • My children's laughter as they sled down hills, helpful hands for shoveling, rosy cheeks just in from the cold, chilled noses, cold hands searching for warmth, and snuggles. In February there is an endless supply of winter snuggles. 

I remember years where winter seemed to slog on, it was endless. What's changed? My perspective. Also... finally outfitting myself in some solid winter gear (eBay has made that much more affordable... and buying second hand is not only good for our wallets, but the environment!) so that being outdoors is comfortable, no matter the temperature. But really, it's acceptance. We can't rush mother nature, we can't change the weather, and just as there's beauty in each of the other seasons, there's much beauty to be found in the depths of winter. You just need to know where to look.


  1. the older I get the more I like all the months (except humid summer....) I try my best to see and appreciate each month. I took a walk two days ago and the birds were singing away and it felt so good to hear them!

  2. I agree with you, Corinne, February is sorely under appreciated. I do wish we had more snow, though, as I am happiest when I am able to go snowshoeing and cross country skiing. Like you, I don't mind canceled plans at all, as it allows me to just enjoy being home with my books and paints and Popeye guilt-free (I sometimes get this guilt thing going that I should be more socially active than I am)!

  3. February here in South Carolina is the beginning of reaching toward spring. I start checking the ten day forecast and each time, there is a glimmer on the edges. Spring is coming.

    But this year ... many warm days. Our trees are already blooming. Today it is 73 degrees. Saturday, I think it might be kisses 80.

    It will tease out all the blooms ... and then it will plunge us into the frostiness again. It's unpredictable. I like unpredictable.


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