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Happy 2018, a month and a bit late!

It's been a while, hasn't it? The end of 2016 found me ramping up this space, and then in the beginning of 2017 I decided to put all of my creative efforts into finishing a novel that had been shelved. And so this space stayed silent, still, quiet. 

2017 was a banner year for my writing. I finished not only the first draft of my book {tentatively titled Farm Girl} but also the second and third drafts. As of writing this post I'm waiting on some feedback from a few trusted readers before diving into the fourth and then final drafts before beginning the process of querying agents and getting the ball rolling towards publication. 

There's a lot of waiting at this stage of the game. Waiting for feedback. Waiting for self imposed deadlines in terms of giving myself space from the manuscript to gain perspective. Waiting to feel like a writer. Waiting to call myself an author. Waiting to hear back from the professionals. Waiting, waiting, and more waiting. 

Instead of twiddling my thumbs, I've decided to jump back into this space and claim my title as a writer, and invite you all along for the ride! While I don't claim to be doing any of this right, or by the book, or in a professional capacity, I'm doing all of this the only way I know how: in fits and starts, piecemeal, ever changing, and imperfectly. 

Here's what I'm committing to in this space: 
  • Weekly blog posts focusing on the writing life, daily habits, joys, successes, failures, the journey to publication {fingers crossed}, my book{s}, and life in general. Blog posts will be published on Wednesdays.
  • A monthly newsletter starting in March! I promise not to try and sell you anything {except, you know, eventually, my books...}. I'll be sharing a recap of the previous months blog posts, any updates in my writing life, and things that move or interest me and I want to share with you. The newsletter will be coming out the first Thursday of each month. 

I hope to create some sort of community and connection with you all. I'm not sure what place blogging has in the super speedy internet world full of instant gratifications and likes and fast fast fast... but I've been feeling the need for deeper words, deeper connections, and a deeper living recently. I hope to convey and create a bit of that here. 

Feel free to poke around this updated site, check out old blog posts, subscribe to my newsletter, check out my author page on Facebook, sign up for posts to be delivered to your inbox {see the top right of the site!}, and let me know what you think! As always, thank you for reading. 



  1. I am so excited for you and your adventures!! how thrilling to be close to querying about a book :) That is awesome.

  2. I added your blogbto my freely. There really seems to be an interest in a blogginf Renaissance right now. I I think people are missing the community that blogging used to be. I am back to it as well .. Trying to find my voice again.

    1. Ack. So many typos. I really should not comment from my phone Lol.


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