In this wide world of social media, and platforms and ways to share... sometimes things feel fragmented. Maybe it's just me. But I can't remember what I've shared here, or what I've shared there, and it almost feels like each forum has different personalities, and I'm trying to manage them all. 

It's tiresome. 

I'm done catering to the different groups of Facebook and Instagram {the two that I most use} and so if you're on Facebook you'll likely notice more posts coming from me{or maybe not, because who knows what people actually see with the FB algorithms and whatnot... but to my chagrin, FB is most certainly not going away anytime soon, so I'll embrace it}. Mostly from my Instagram account. I'm starting to look at Facebook as a tool to be the hub of all things... blog posts are posted there, Instagram posts will be as well. Since I'm not blogging as much as I used to, Instagram has become sort of a mini blog, and I'm happy to share. 

There's pictures of the kids, of my writing life, some selfies... serious stuff and silly stuff. If you don't like it, hide it in your feed. But I'm done trying to figure out what to share where. It's all going out there. It's all me. It feels scary and brave to share it all, and silly to have to write a post about it. But again, that's me. I'm waving my flag to say hello, as always, and maybe some of what I write and share will resonate, inspire, or simply make you smile. 

So here it is, dusty corners and all, in an effort to make things more fluid... more whole... more authentic.


  1. I will take you were ever I can get you! I get this though. I'm on Twitter and Instagram mostly these days, those are my favorites. I barely use FB ever anymore. It's changed since I started using it and I don't really love it (or what people seem to post on there--by that I mean the non-writers in my life; too many political/social diatribes for people, it seems, who have no other soapbox...no thanks) But I'm happy you'll at least be somewhere! xo (and sorry if you got two comments from me--I always have trouble with this and a few other sites using the Blogger platform)

  2. I am a steady user of fb, so this is a bonus for me. I hang on to old habits so hard.

  3. Interesting, I've never thought of sharing across platforms as authenticity but I think you are right! I tend to be braver some places than others. I need to think on this. Love your brave, lovely voice wherever I happen to find it!


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