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Yesterday we spent two hours in the woods across the river from our house. After we passed the sledding hill we didn't catch site of another human being for our entire adventure. The crunch and swish of our snowshoes kept us all company, as did little sibling squabbles and the occasional snowball hitting someones back...

The air was crisp and the sky grey, but the snow... the snow was brilliant. It took a long time for my eyes to adjust to all that white. The landscape looked like one gigantic white sheet - my depth perception was lost and more than once I stared until I could finally squint and see where the hill raised to meet the sky, where the inclines started and stopped.


Shortly after we started out it dawned on me and I shouted up ahead to Lucas, "Do you know what day it is?" He turned his head back towards me and smiled, "Yes." "Eleven years!" I yelled and threw my hands up into the air. 

Eleven years ago, yesterday, we went on our first date. During February, the month of love, we fell head over heels for each other. It was fast and hard, and we've been together ever since that first night when we ate at Finz, strolled around Salem and looked at ice sculptures. He was the first man who asked if he could kiss me as we said goodbye. I think it was that moment that I knew. I say I knew the night I met him, and I mean that, but on our first date, I really really knew. I cannot imagine life without him. He's my tall dark and handsome man, and even though real life isn't all romance and rainbows all the time, we've got it as good as anyone could ever hope or dream. 


Some years we remember our dating anniversary way in advance and plan for a night out. This year was not one of those years. Last minute we decided to make reservations for our favorite local restaurant. We ate and dined and gazed into each others eyes and reminisced about these last eleven years. We even walked to a little cafe for coffee and dessert after dinner. And most amazingly? We were a party of four. The kids came along on a date night that started after we'd normally eat dinner, and they were kind and thoughtful and participated in dinner conversation {"Bleck, love???" might have been the rudest comment that came from the peanut gallery, which isn't half bad!} and savored dessert and even thanked us for taking them along. Seriously. We've got it made with these two.

Yes, we like our date nights. And yes, going out just the two of us is necessary sometimes for the sake of everything that is good and holy. But how incredible is it to be able to enjoy a date night with your kids along to witness the love you have for each other, and to know when a special occasion comes that they are included? There may have been a few more trips to the restroom than normal, but last night was a good reminder that just because we have little ones and might not always plan for a sitter... that doesn't mean that we can't all enjoy a night out. The celebration of relationship milestones is really a celebration for the whole family. If it weren't for that first date, none of this would exist.

So we celebrated. Together. And then after a day of fresh air and exercise, an evening of good food and smiles and decadent desserts, the two of us fell into each others arms. Just like nearly every night of the last eleven years. Drunk on our life... happy, and better together than apart.



  1. Happy eleven years! I love the sound of your en-famille date night. xox

  2. We do so much with our kids while celebrating many anniversaries over the years. Now we are just two, they live in different cities and I have many many years to celebrate just the two of us like we started. Loved seeing the snow, the photos and reading your words. Happy Anniversary!!

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  4. Beautiful....and yes, I just commented to a friend how a lot of times our kids would come with us for anniversaries and Valentine's Day. There are always opportunities to go alone, but it's nice to celebrate as a family.

  5. This is so, so sweet! It brought me to tears :) Happy anniversary!


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