Writing Naturally: Winter


November came and went in a heartbeat... I don't know how it's already December. I could say the same thing about 2014 in general. Didn't we just take down the Christmas tree from last year? Weren't we just baking gingerbread cookies and singing carols? Even with the feeling of the days and months slipping through my fingers, I'm glad we are here. The kids opened the first window of their chocolate advent calendar this morning... their expressions always of surprise and excitement as they find a bit of yummy chocolate in the tiny box. Today they were heart shaped, and they tell me they were so very delicious!

And with the change of seasons it's already time to think about the next session of Writing Naturally. I'm excited to share that registration for Writing Naturally: Winter is now open. Click over to see details. 

This last month I've wavered on whether or not I wanted to offer more sessions of my online writing course. Ultimately when I started it, I knew I wanted to offer it seasonally. But the more that time went on the more other courses I saw popping up, and I kept feeling like why should I offer mine when so many other people are offering theirs?  Why not? Every course that I see in the works is unique and designed by individuals who are creative and thoughtful and have their own take and spin on the writing process. I truly believe the same about Writing Naturally. And so I would love for you to join me. To be a part of the unique mix of daily emails and coaching, to inspire your writing journey, to write words and join in community and ask questions and dive into the process... 

Writing Naturally: Winter will take place January 5-16th. Give yourself the gift of setting aside time for your writing, give yourself a bed of words to fall into after the hectic holiday season. I'll be there, waiting with encouragement and inspiration. Join me.

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  1. I think it's great that you're offering these workshops. Keep going!


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