quiet light


There's quiet in September. In the wind. In routine. In rhythm. There's quiet mornings and moments even through hurried afternoons of to and fro and the in between. There's quiet in the soft light of breakfast, the fading shades of evening. There's quiet light in September. The hush of sunlight...

in response to the first prompt of Poetry in Everyday Beauty...


  1. That's exactly it: quiet light. I've noticed this too, on the walls, reflecting off of a neighbor's window. A very specific, once a year light. You captured it beautifully.

  2. Those clouds!!! Eep!!! They are magical!

  3. Also, sometimes when I read your posts I think about how lovely your words are and how poetically you string them together. Then I go to respond and I'm all EXCLAMATION POINTS!!! and it feels like I'm yelling during a lullaby. Also, what does that say about me that even when I type I'm "loud"?


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