trusting your inner wisdom


Every time I log onto the computer I'm bombarded with wisdom. How To's and You Must's and Secrets to Happiness and fitness and love and life and and and..... 

Items are shared right and left. How to get your children to listen. How to structure your day. How to loose ten pounds. How to homeschool. What to eat to feel and look a certain way. How to find inner peace. Secrets to a happy marriage. How to please people, yourself, your lover... 

I'm done reading them. All of them. 

The more we read about how to do all of the things, the less likely we are to listen to the inner wisdom that tells us what we need. Tells us what we want. Tells us exactly how to be true to ourselves. 

You can't get that from an article written by a person who doesn't know you. What makes the author come alive, what works for them, what has even worked for millions of others might not work for you. And you won't know that unless you become quiet and listen. 

And truly? Listening is only half the battle. You must learn to trust what you hear that wanders out from the depths of your soul. It has the answers. 

You have the answers. 
Stop waiting for someone to tell you five ways to find whatever it is you're looking for. 

Trust yourself. 
You can do this. 


  1. yes. so good. leave it to you to know this heart and soul... and remind me, too.

  2. i was just trying to figure out how to say such a thing.. without a quotable platitude. so there you are! (not a quotable platitude:) ...


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