living room stills

Three quarters of the year our living happens in our dining room. School books and projects, computers and meals and card games spill out over the coziness and closeness of our little table, close in proximity to the warmth of the kitchen. 

But during the summer, our living happens in the living room. Where we can stretch and lounge and feel the breeze on our legs. We knit, we read, we play, we do yoga, we plan and laugh and watch movies and endless episodes of My Little Pony and Transformers. We lounge. 'Tis the season... 










  1. I love these! Oh, your daughter's profile while working those needles...precious and heartwarming. Such concentration! I think she should come here and teach me! And I just snagged State of Wonder from Goodwill yesterday. Are you reading it now? I'm aiming for end of summer/early fall once I finish a few others. We should blog about our takes together -- wouldn't that be fun?! And MLP is in heavy rotation this rainy week here too. Sounds like our girls would get along just smashing!

    1. I actually started State of Wonder... and couldn't get into it so I skipped to the end to see what happened... (I never do that, I don't know what came over me!!!) So I might not be a good one to review it ;) But another one, we could do that for sure!! And yes, I think the girls would have fun together! (we were just at Goodwill this morning, ha!)

  2. I love these! Paige's concentration is awesome! I just took out a few of Giada's cookbooks from the library. I need inspiration in the meal department. I love seeing your posts here! <3

  3. so lovely... just living. with room to spread out!

  4. Just reading this post relaxes me...:)


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