bagpipes, kilts, and highlands...

Last weekend we headed up to the White Mountains for the NH Highland Games. My husband's family is very proud of their Scottish heritage, and the kids had heard about the games since they were babies. This year, we finally took them, and it was a much anticipated event. As was the whole camping thing... since the last time we camped we were pretty much boo'd out of the campground due to a little girl of ours and her inability to sleep... so.. we were a little nervous about pitching our tent, and a whole lot excited for copious amounts of tartan and bagpipes!

Thankfully, our girl {and boy} slept the best that they've slept in a long, long time. And Saturday was a beautiful day in the mountains, breathtaking. My family might have gotten a bit tired of me saying at every turn "Mountains! Look at the mountains!" I seriously love mountains.

Lucas and I went to the games once or twice before we had kids, but this was the first time that I dawned the Cunningham tartan {thanks to my mother in law! She found a scarf for me to wear...} and I have to say, I felt a bit of pride. I've spent a good deal of time thinking about tradition, and family, and home, and coming from someplace. Growing up, our heritage wasn't really celebrated {besides my grandfather requesting warm German potato salad, and having pork and sauerkraut on New Years...} probably because most of my family is from all over the place! So the idea of celebrating your heritage is different for me, but I'm thrilled that my kids have the highlands in their blood and a Papa who wears his kilt, and mini kilts for them to wear whenever they want. So dawn the tartan, I will. And even though I'm Scottish only by marriage, I'll happily remind the kids of where they are from and teach them about their heritage. Plus, you really can't beat the sound of bagpipes.

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  1. Oh, what fun! I wish there was something like that around here. I'm Scotch-Irish and my husband is Welsh. My son Duncan is named after my paternal great-grandfather's last name (got all that?). Anyway, someday we'd like to cross the pond to see it in all of its real-life splendor.

  2. we look forward to the highland games here every year!

    yay for donning the family tartan :)

  3. Sounds so fun! We have visited Scotland a couple of times but have never actually seen highland games. But some day, I hope...

  4. Your kids are just so cute and so big!


  5. I feel the same way about the mountains!

  6. I remember your last camping trip and the post you wrote about the early morning drive with your girl. :) Mmm, warm German potato grandma made of my favorites back then. I always wished I had a specific ethnicity to celebrate. I'm from everywhere too.


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