Community of differences


An amazing thing always happens when I open up in this space and spread a little of my heart... others do the same. I can't tell you how many messages I received privately after the last post. How that post resonated with many. What is also pretty amazing is how so many of us connect and relate to feeling different. How there's comfort in talking about our differences and how by talking about what's hard we feel a bit free. Tthe little community that surrounds me {some online, but also in my circle of friends} seems to be built upon celebrating our differences and unique qualities. And I wonder why that can't happen more in the every day. Why our differences can't bring us together instead of separating. 

Happy weekend, friends. I'll end this with favorite quote:

"Be curious, no tjudgemental" ~ Walt Whitman


  1. I so wish all my blog/twitter friends lived all in the same state. Our family is "weird" too (and this time of year I always feel even weirder when I get so sad about the possibility of ever sending my girl off to school. Everyone else is jumping up & down. I am DREADING the day that I might have to do that). I don't know any homeschooling families anywhere around here. Our whole lifestyle is so totally different from anyone I know in real life. It is comforting that there are people out there, even if I only know them on-line, who think along the same lines as I do!


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