Slow and steady


This morning started in a slow, steady way 
With kids waking up too early 
{please, birds, please... give us one morning where you sing your lovely songs a wee bit later than 5am...} and then intentionally putting on a yoga dvd before pbs kids 
Sipping tea instead of coffee on the porch with a journal
Watching the steam billow off with the gentle, chilly breeze of morning
 Listening to my body instead of my routine 

Sometimes routines need to change to accommodate life


  1. This is the answer to a problem I had when falling asleep last night, troubled and only half-hopeful.
    A change in routine to accommodate life. Thank you.

  2. such wise words,
    thank you for the reminder
    also for leaving me those lovely words at my blog : )

    enjoy your tea.


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