My  mom was visiting the past few days. We spent the days trying to sneak in some outdoor adventures between the rain drops. And she trimmed my hair. One of those cutting off a few inches to let the rest grow in nicer things. Pruning, if you will. 

It's funny when you realize you are in need of pruning. 

Want to know a secret? 

I started a novel. But that's not the real secret. The real secret is... I hate writing fiction. Don't get me wrong, I adore fiction. There is nothing I love more than reading a beautifully crafted novel. And I always thought I would write one, because... well... I like to write, and I love novels, so... why not write one? So I've been sitting on this idea that my work will one day be writing fiction. But now I realize that I need to prune that idea a bit. Writing is one thing. Writing fiction... not my thing. Which is okay. 

I'm so thankful for folks who put their hearts into fiction, who live in that other world you need to be in to write a story. But for me, I found that writing fiction takes me away from here. And I have a hard enough time being here, living my story, that if I'm going to write anything at all... it's going to be from my point of view, helping me to figure out the in and outs of my life and my world. Some can do that through fiction, and I applaud that. But I think I need to keep life as simple as possible for myself. Which means creative non-fiction. And I'm cool with that. 


In the shower this morning my hands ached for the extra three inches, not knowing what to do with those extra seconds, the shorter length. I've done a few double takes in the mirror. It's still me. Just simplified. Finding bits that were hard to find with the clutter of dry and split ends. There's a bit of awe in the eyes that I see staring back at me through the mirror. Awe in the power of simplifying and clearing the clutter of both a head of hair and a soul. 


  1. I'm a bit behind here. I keep forgetting that you have a new blog, so I have quite a few posts to read. But let me just say...good for you. We're all in need of pruning. It's realizing this that is so hard. So good job on the self-inventory if you will. I also hate writing fiction but keep telling myself that one day I'll wake up and like it. haha. I like your approach better :)

    Good luck friend. And you look beautiful!

    p.s. you know what I'm good at writing? Papers. As is a paper on this topic. How very blah. lol

  2. It's cute! Did you always have the curls? Love them!

  3. Been back to read this a few times. Lots of good food for thought. And beautifully shared.

  4. ALWAYS makes me remember and connect with the real "thing", the ones that really matters,
    through your writings Corinne....
    - thank you!

  5. Lovely....I look forward to reading whatever it is your heart dreams up. XO

  6. I just found your blog, and oh how familiar this sounds, the realisation that my stories will be real and not imagined, arrived at some time ago by me, simply because I'm older, but never expressed so eloquently as here. Thank you :)


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