Forever pink and blue crocs...

July 8, 2010 030

I was looking back through photos on Flickr this morning... the one above is three years old. I can look at the photo and think to myself that it was a while ago. But when I type that - three years - it feels like an eternity. And now I look at my babies and she is all legs and movement and curly wild hair, and he is toothless and tall and almost lanky in ways. She still snuggles with us most nights, and he still wants to be oh so close all the time (except when he doesn't, and she doesn't...) I love that I can still see their babyhood in their faces even though they are full into childhood. Their cheeks are still round, their hands still fit in mine. They still wear Crocs (pink for her, blue for him, always). 

I love that through them I can see time, it's changes and sameness.


  1. I remember pics of both of them like this...they have gotten so big!!! And so much hair! :) I think parenting stands still for us, and moves forward waaay too fast, all at the same time.

  2. Awww, sweet. My one son always has green and the other blue. I guess you could say I "programed" this way, because that's how I used to tell them apart easily when little. I now tell them they can choose whatever color they like but they generally stick with those favorites. :)


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