a little James and Joni and Indigo Girls


Last week my kids found an old mix cd that I put together shortly after college. James Taylor, Joni Mitchell, and the Indigo Girls. They put it in the cd player in their play room and I belted out Galileo while we played Uno, the kids eyes wide. Then we danced to Get out the Map and Jelly Man Kelly and swayed to Both Sides. 

And so I was cleaning and chopping strawberries this afternoon when they put on the cd again. And James transported me to days of singing little babies to sleep... "you can close your eyes, it's alright..." ... and a softness grew in me until there was no other place to put it but around the arms of my nearly five year old. She was sneaking strawberries and my eyes softened and I handed her the whole bowl and planted a kiss on her head and sat and listened to her tell me about the colors of sea glass she found at the beach this morning. 

When you get the right sound track to your life, at the right moment, your world can change. Your view can change and open. The right music enters, and the soul smiles. 


  1. perfect moment, wonderfully shared. thanks.

  2. This post made me smile. I love the way you look at the world around you!

  3. This is perfection and not just because I feel exactly the same way, but because it is perfect!

  4. Those words are bliss inducing....


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