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"Today I realized just how much Writing Naturally meant to me personally and professionally. Every day during the two week course, I anticipated Corinne's morning email and the afternoon group discussions on the private Facebook page. What was so special and important about this class? Initially, it was way it made me feel about myself as a person and a writer. Then I appreciated the way it opened me. The way it felt to be writing in such a relaxed but purposeful way. Today I opened my email and remembered I was no longer in class. The absence of the daily message left me a little bereft. But instead of letting that be an excuse not to write this week, I was more motivated to keep learning the craft. I realized that as long as I am writing, I want to be involved in some kind of writing circle, class, workshop or partnership with someone to trade readings. Blogging helps, but for larger projects not shared online, I have a need for structure and accountability to motivate my work. So thank you so much for being the one person who made me feel safe enough to jump into a group experience. 

Writing Naturally also helped to release a flow of thought that I didn't know was there waiting, just under the surface. The practice of daily free writing and drawing from those impulsive and fresh thoughts provided a continual supply of ideas, images and feelings to work with. Instead of my old scarcity mindset, feeling too word/story/idea poor, I now have enough material to work on for months!"
~Jennifer Hoppins
Imagined, Remembered, Believed
Jennifer also wrote a blog post about her experience {click here to read}

"I learned so much about myself as a writer and about my writing process in such a short amount of time. Thank you, Corinne for being such a kind and trustworthy soul. Writing Naturally: October was truly a life changing experience for me!"
~Kelly Murphy
"As a writer, I am always trying to find avenues to improve my skills and participate in workshops that will enhance my writing. The Writing Naturally course offered an opportunity to unlock a buried memory and created a starting point for an unraveling that added insight to my writing process. Corinne's instruction rekindled my passion for free writes and fiction. I loved learning in a comforting, but constructive environment. This course is a safe place to navigate strengths and weaknesses in your writing process. Whether you are a novice or a published writer, you will rediscover the power in free writing. I highly recommend Corinne's course. "
~Rudri Bhatt Patel
being Rudri

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"Corinne was really gracious. She worked with me one on one for a couple of weeks, we exchanged a bunch of emails, she read an awful lot of my notes and half-finished manuscripts and then she opened a door in the walls I kept running into. I really had just one question that needed any kind of answer and Corinne helped me find it. She stepped into my mess with abundant grace and helped me sort it out a bit. She asked good questions and gave the feedback I was desperately needing."
~Faith Raider


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