Picture by Teresa M. Schreier
Hello and welcome! I'm Corinne Noel Cunningham, and this is my little slice of home in the vast online world. In this space I share my writing, my photos, my love for all things slow and soft. Sometimes I knit, I often have a book by my side, and as a homeschooling parent there are always children underfoot. 

My writing has been published in Kindred Magazine, Mindy Tsonas's Glitter and Grunge creative living zine, on Mamalode, the Brave Girl Community, and Mamapedia. My work has been featured as guest posts on countless blogs over the years, and my writing practice only grows deeper as the days unfold. 

These days I cohost the podcast Ink from the Embers: Musings on the Roots and Growth of Creativity, share my creative life mostly on Instagram, and am always writing. My first novel, Farm Girl, is now available on Amazon in both eBook and paperback.

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