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creating in the midst: Gina Kimmel

Welcome back to Creating in the Midst. If you're new to the series, all of the posts are located here. Thanks for joining us!

This weeks guest is Gina Kimmel. Mother, writer, photographer, Gina captures ordinary moments in beautiful, extraordinary ways through her words and pictures. She's someone that I would love to sit and share a pot of tea with, and talk and write alongside each other for hours. She exudes grace and thoughtfulness, and I'm thrilled to share her words here with you all.
Welcome to this space, Gina!

~ What does an average day in your house look like?

 Each day looks a little different for us, depending on the weather and what appointments or errands we have to run, but what do look similar are our mornings. Mornings are sacred to me. It is my absolute favorite time of day. From the soft silence that I have before my son wakes up, to the first light that touches the sky - our mornings take on a slow gentleness as we both allow it to unfold before us. About a year ago, I decided to start waking up around 6 o’clock so that I would have some peace and quiet before my son jolted out of bed. I found that having that time, whether it’s a half hour or two hours (depending on how long he decides to stay in bed) helps me to be a better mom. I use that time to write, to read, to work on a project, and always to sip tea. If it’s nice, you can find me on a rocking chair on the porch with my mug and notebook in hand. Once he wakes up, he’s ready to start the day. We use that time for morning journals, a drawn out breakfast (my favorite meal of the day, of course) and whatever else we want to do together. I try to extend the mornings for as long as I can, often times not getting a shower or getting ready for the day until 11 or 11:30. The flow of the morning is peaceful. Unrushed. Untethered. We flit around the house or stay rooted to the rocking chairs on the porch to observe our own little piece of the world, while discussing what’s in our midst. After lunch is when our days become varied and sometimes harried, depending on what we have to try and get done before dinner.

 ~ What projects are you currently working on?

 Right now, we are getting settled into our new house in the mountains. I’ve been trying to transform our house into a home, while also working on finding a daily rhythm for our homeschooling now that the little one has turned 5. Another project that keeps drawing me back in is a book of poetry about ordinary moments that I’ve experienced as a mother. I love to pair my photographs with words that I’ve written as they come to me. As I look back through my pictures, those words linger on my mind and help transport me right back to the moment I captured each image. I intend to weave letters and recipes alongside of the images and poems to bring the story of our family to life. It’s an offering first and foremost for my son – one that I can hopefully share with others someday, as well. And I’m always, always sharing pieces of my life and writing, and lately my morning views, on Instagram. 

~Can you tell us a little bit about your writing life?

 About four years ago, I found writing again. It began to develop into a daily practice that has sustained me and led me towards discoveries about myself I never dreamed of making. Whenever I’m feeling off, I know that it’s been too long since I picked up my pen to write. Over the past year or two, I’ve been finding my way with poetry and nature. I’ve reconnected with them both on a deeper level. Often times you can find me staring outside my window in search of the moon, lounging on the porch listening to the bird songs as greet the day, or simply walking with my camera – putting miles behind me as I pass rocks and trees and water sources that all open my eyes to the beauty found in this world. I feel that the earth is always communicating with us, if we take the time to pause and listen to her guidance. We can always find messages from the universe scattered among the stars. These messages and the ordinary beauty of the space we inhabit all move me – it moves my pen across the page, it brings words to my lips, and fills me with joy. Each day I try to slow down. To take several pauses amid my day to notice the everyday, ordinary beauty that surrounds me, not only in nature, but in my connections and interactions with the people in my life. It fuels my creativity. It brings me clarity in so many different aspects of living, especially parenting. And if I let it in, I am never at a loss for words. The poetry writes itself, all adding to the pile of notes that I’ve been collecting for a book I hope to share with others, someday.

 ~What measures do you take to protect your creativity?

 I keep a pen and a notebook by my side always {I’m the type of person that favors the written word to typing. It all has to be hand-written first.} If I notice that it’s been a few days since I’ve written, I make sure I either get up a bit earlier or ask my husband to watch the little one so that it gives me some time to write. I’ve encouraged my son to pick up his notebook when I do, if I find myself penning a poem when he’s around. I guess what I’m saying is that I just do it - as often as I can. I make it a priority and it’s become just an everyday ritual in my life, whether it’s filling up two pages at a sitting or jotting down a few short lines of poetry that came to me while we were eating breakfast that morning.

 ~Do you need absolute quiet to write, or do you prefer noise? And how does that impact your day?

 When I’m just scribbling down memories as they happen or when inspiration hits me during a sunrise, as I watch a leaf fall from the sky, or when I truly notice the curve of my son’s smile, I can usually write as the moment is transpiring. Sometimes I ask him to give me a moment of quiet so that I can record the words a bit more quickly, but often times he’ll get out his notebook to “write,” too. Whenever I go deeper, whenever the words pierce my mind and I am able to tap into the flow from someplace outside of my Self, I need silence. I can’t listen to music, I don’t like to be constantly interrupted, I just need myself, the paper, and the pen.

 ~Do you have a set time of day, or of the week, that you set aside for your creative pursuits?

 The only time I truly have set is first thing in the morning. I wake up around 6:00, probably six days a week (sometimes seven), so that I have that time to write. I’ve found that if I don’t set the alarm and pull myself out of bed before my son rises, I feel off all day – moody, tense, and just out of balance. I use that time for whatever I feel called to do, whether it be to read, to write, to art journal or even catch up on my favorite shows on Netflix – whatever it is that will fill me up and allow me to begin my day with grace and allowing. Besides those precious moments in the morning, I also try to fit in time for myself throughout the day. A half hour while my son plays on his own, an hour after my husband comes home while he is deep in some sort of household project that my little one helps out with. I think it’s so important for children to see their parents making time for that which brings them joy. Whether he is asked to find something else to occupy his time for a while or he asks to work alongside of us, he sees creativity in action.

 ~What is the most challenging aspect of being a writer and a homeschooling mother?

 For me the challenge is creating space for everything. For writing, for editing, for actually living the moments that I will someday write about – all this while still keeping the connection to my son and my family that I hope to have. Some days I get so caught up in the words or the projects we are doing together that I realize I haven’t looked, really looked at the people I am interacting with. I haven’t given them my full attention; I haven’t looked deeply into their eyes or absorbed the words that they are sending my way. I find that there is so much that I love experiencing as a writer and a homeschooling mama, that it’s difficult to find the space for it all.

 ~What is the most rewarding aspect of being a writer and a homeschooling mother?

 I think that because creativity and exploration are such a huge part of our homeschooling life and our life in general, being at home with my son has afforded me the time and inspiration to dive deeper into my writing. Being at home with him, watching him learn and grow, has been such a rich experience – full of ups and downs, littered with insights into how I hope to support and encourage him as a homeschooler, as well as time to self-correct when we discover what actually works or what we need to rethink in our everyday ritual and routine. I try to capture these moments of joy, as well as the moments of struggle within my writing to share with others. I feel that speaking the truth about what mothers may go through opens the doors for sincere communication between parents around the globe, as well as allowing others to know that they are not alone as they walk through the difficult aspects of creative family living.

 ~How do you feel about the word balance? Is there such a thing?

 Hmmm, I’m not really sure, yet! I do know that if I take some time to reflect over the past couple of days and realize that I haven’t given myself much time to work on my writing, then I don’t feel guilty take an hour or so to myself during the day while my son plays on his own. If I notice that the last few days have been packed with nature hikes, reading, Lego building, and errands, then I don’t feel guilty for giving us both a day to relax with a movie, or just keeping the day entirely open for staying put inside the house to play in our own ways. I try to sprinkle in moments here and there for things that are important to us, activities like baking together or hiking, if I notice that they haven’t fit in naturally with the flow of our week. Perhaps that’s all the balance we need.

 ~What advice would you give to someone who is passionate about their creative pursuits, and just starting out on their homeschooling journey?

 What I try to keep reminding myself is not to lose myself in the process of homeschooling. We are all learning together as a family. Every day, each year, we are all growing and shifting. It’s important for me not only to facilitate learning for my son, but also for my Self…to carve out time, to grasp those moments of unexpected stillness, and utilize them for any creative pursuits that are calling to me at the moment. I recently copied this quote from “Conscious Living” by Gay Hendricks:: “You wonder, am I courageous enough to tap the deep wellspring of my creativity and express it boldly in the world? As you walk along, ask yourself, what would I most like to create, both for my own nourishment and for my singular contribution to the world? Life reaches its full flowering when we bring forth our creative desires and the treasures with which we have been blessed and act on them in the world.” For me, this quote not only encourages me to act on my creative desires, but reminds me that it’s necessary for my own soul’s contentment.

And last... a few quickfire questions:

 ~What was the last book you read? 

I just finished rereading Project-Based Homeschooling by Lori Pickert.

 ~The last thing you made? 

I'm in the progress of making a monochromatic mixed-media canvas. My son and I both started one after reading Madeline by Ludwig Bemelmans.

 ~Daily indulgence?

 Lately, my daily indulgence is an episode of Gilmore Girls on Netflix. I love relaxing to one of my favorite shows in the evening.

 ~Least favorite daily task? 

I'm on a cooking low. Some weeks I'm at a loss for what to cook for dinner, so lately that's been my least favorite task.

~If you had an entire day that was just yours, how would you spend it? 

 I would spend it on the beach in the sun with a stack of books and magazines (after spending the afternoon before at a bookstore selecting some from my list)

 ~Favorite movie? 

 My all-time favorite movie is Dirty Dancing, my recent favorite movie is About Time.

 ~Coffee or tea? 


Gina ~ thank you so much for sharing your words and thoughts here! I loved getting to know you better through your answers. Reading about how you weave your creative pursuits through your day reminds me that I'm not alone in this daily struggle/joy to create in the midst, it sounds so familiar to what happens in my house as well. And of course, you know About Time is one of my favorite movies, and I love that we have that in common!

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If you or someone you know, are a homeschooling parent who is in the midst of creative pursuits and would like to contribute to this series, please contact me at crnnoel(at)gmail(dot)com.

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creating in the midst: Jen Precourt

Welcome back to Creating in the Midst. If you're new to the series, all of the posts are located here. Thanks for joining us!

This week Jen Precourt is sharing about her life as a writer, creative soul, and a homeschooling mom of two. I'm honored to call Jen one of my closest friends, as well as my writing partner. I'm so happy to have her here today!

~Can you tell us a bit about your creative life? Before kids? After kids?

Before kids it was knitting. Some writing but not much. Since having the girls my creative life has exploded. I think it’s because I’m viewing creativity differently. Anything can be creative, making a home, homeschooling, playing with the girls. Now my creativity revolves around my thoughts about how I want to model creativity, how I want to express myself, how I want to teach them that we all have creativity swirling around inside us and it is okay....more than okay....to express that creativity however we see fit. I want them to see me as creative, as BEING creative. That it’s a part of me. It isn’t meant to fit in a nice neat box. You think you can’t draw or paint or knit or sew? Well just try, play with it. Create SOMETHING. A drawing, a meal, a book, a poem. The girls also have taught me….play is creative. Get messy. Not sure how to use a tool? Well pick it up and experiment. You aren’t using it the way it’s intended? Who cares (as long as it’s safe!) figure out how that tool can serve you. I also find that if nothing else creative happens in a day (because lets be honest, some days don’t go at all as planned!)….taking a picture of something that catches my eye, putting a few words together and posting on Instagram helps a lot to fill that creative well. On the days when I post quite a bit of pictures on Instagram….that’s how you know that my creativity is needing a boost! On the days when I’m in the creative flow with ideas & writing, then not so many posts on Instagram! 

~What does an average day look like at your house?

I wake up early, ideally it would be get up at 6 but lately it’s been closer to 6:30. The early morning hours are sacred to me. I love the peace of pre-dawn for coffee, prayer, morning pages, dreaming about projects I want to do. The girls wake up & come down between 8 & 8:30 typically for breakfast. We then do any number of things: homeschool field trip; work on school; they play; I do dishes, laundry, etc. we run errands. Lunchtime, then they go up for nap/rest time. I sit with a cup of tea & my knitting for a bit of quiet time myself. Then I catch up on more chores or write. Marie-Therese comes down about an hour & a half later for some one on one schoolwork or we do art projects together. Veronica gets up and we play together or go back outside before dinner. It’s really an ebb & flow. We move to the rhythm of where we feel called to on any particular day. No two days are the same and yet they feel a lot alike. There’s always schoolwork, chores, creative time, quiet time, food. It’s the activities within those frames that shift day to day.

~What projects are you currently working on? Do you have any upcoming workshops?

Right now I am in the midst of preparing for NaNoWriMo. Except I’m not planning a novel, I’m planning a collection of essays based on creativity, mindfulness, spirituality, motherhood, & seeking the beauty in the everyday. I’m also in the beginning stages of creating a self-directed study on poetry. I’m feeling called to writing poetry so that might be woven into November too. No concrete plans for a workshop but the ideas for them are in the back of my mind. I’m waiting to see what direction November takes and see what flows from that! I also have the idea to turn the pictures I take into notecards, to open up a small etsy store with them. Taking pictures helps me stop and be more present in the moments, in the beauty, in the ordinary parts of the day….and a lot of time taking pictures sparks a creative movement in my soul. To write more, to think more, to be more connected to my soul.

~What measures do you take to protect your creativity? 

Accountability partner. If it was up to me, I’d most likely remain stagnant with my creativity, my writing. Having someone to answer to, someone to gently nudge me to write, knowing someone is waiting for me to check in with how its going helps me keep creating even on the days (or weeks!) when I don’t want to.

~Do you create alongside your children? 

Yes! I used to have the mindset that I needed absolute peace & quiet to create. But then nothing got done and I got terribly frustrated. So now if I feel called to write or draw or take photographs I just do it and the girls flock to me and they do it too. We don’t really talk about it, its just something that happens naturally. And sometimes Marie-Therese is at the table painting or drawing or art collaging and I sit down and follow her lead.

~Do you need absolute silence and space to write, or are you able to carve out moments while in the middle of daily life? 

Writing is different then the other forms of creativity I like to do. I do need quiet focus for that. I jot down ideas throughout the day as they come (usually at inopportune times like when I’m doing the dishes, homeschooling, driving or taking a shower!) But even that is changing time goes on. I am able to sit at the table while the girls play around me and write pieces. If I leave the document open or the notebook at the table, I am finding I can add words to it as the day goes on. I have to edit my words more afterwards, but at least I’m getting the ideas flowing!

~I think of you, my beloved friend, as a writer, a knitter, seamstress, an overall ninja in terms of creativity, as well as a mother, friend, and homeschooling parent. Do you think all of these things are tied together by the strings of creativity? 

I do! Each aspect of me is a part of another aspect. All tied together by creativity. My creativity is a part of my soul & it is released through being a mother, writer, homeschooling parent, knitter and any other actions I take throughout my days.I used to think I wasn’t creative because I can’t draw or paint well. That is only one aspect of creating. My views on what creativity means has opened up so much over the past few years!

~What is the most challenging aspect of being a writer/maker and a homeschooling parent? 

Finding the chunks of time to create deeply. A lot of mornings I just get into the writing groove and the baby starts calling or Marie-Therese comes downstairs. Same with the afternoon quiet time. And now some of the time I used to use to create goes towards planning our homeschool days & activities. I don’t regret that, it’s just a fact and I am re-working my time. It’s an ebb & flow and this season of homeschooling life is teaching me to be flexible with my creativity and how I view it and when I do it. It’s teaching me that I don’t always have hours of free time but I do have pockets of 5, 10, 15 minutes at different parts of the day. I need to learn to use those pockets more instead of waiting for a two hour chunk of time. Because those are far & few between!

~What is the most rewarding aspect? 

Time. Time to be, time to create alongside my daughter. To learn from her & her process. We aren’t restricted by the schedules of a traditional school day. We feel like staying up a little later to paint or color at the kitchen table? Then we do it! We want to read books & stay in our pjs until 10? Then we do it! We have the time to dream creatively and the time to follow through on that creativity. Homeschooling has opened up our days and how we learn together. And we all model to each other learning & exploring & experimenting. She sees me having a passion for writing, reading, nature, knitting, photography, etc. She is learning that even as an adult learning doesn’t end. School isn’t just sitting at a desk or table, the classroom is the world and we are exploring that classroom together. 

~Has your creative process changed due to homeschooling? 

Those pockets of time I mentioned above? Yea those! I am learning to recognize them, to use them not for checking in on social media but to pick up the pen & notebook. Or knitting needles & knit just a row or two. To look out the window and snap a picture and string some words together about the current moment. Seriously, I used to think that if I couldn’t have a huge chunk of uninterrupted time then I couldn’t do it. I am slowly learning that I need to use those small pockets and that a lot of times those small pockets are more productive then huge chunks of time.

~What are your dreams for your creative pursuits in the next year? 

Ohh so many. To continue growing as a writer. To take myself seriously as one. To work hard at my writing in order to start sharing it with the world more. That takes a huge leap of faith, but it’s one that I plan on working towards. I want to write more poetry. I would like to begin blogging again, to share more of my writing. I would love to turn my photographs into notecards to sell. Maybe do a series of poems based on my nature photographs. We’ll see! I have so many ideas, the big thing is to begin working on them. Movement. Baby steps, but at least take those steps!

And last, but not least... some quickfire questions:  
~What was the last book you read? 

Fiction: Still Alive by Lisa Genova Non-Fiction: Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert

~The last thing you made with your two hands and creativity? 

Socks! I have a goal to knit 12 pairs of socks in 2015, I am on track to make that goal too! And now that I think about it, I colored in a coloring page yesterday with my daughter. That is creativity too! 

~Daily indulgence? 

A cup of tea and Grey’s Anatomy re-runs. The girls go down for rest time, I sit with my tea & watch (and usually knit too). It’s very rarely a whole show but even 15 minutes helps rejuvenate me and gives me a few minutes of doing something that I enjoy.

~Least favorite daily task? 

Cooking! I have a love hate relationship with food preparation. My people love to eat, I hate making it!

 ~If you had an entire day that was just yours, how would you spend it? 

Watching the sunrise as I drank coffee and wrote my morning pages. Going for a long rambling walk in the woods. Come back home for more writing, some reading, some knitting (maybe a stop at a local yarn store & bookstore). Yoga, prayer, maybe a nap. And then reunite with my people because no day could be complete without time with my husband & girls!

~Favorite movie? 

You’ve Got Mail

~Coffee or tea? 

Coffee first thing in the morning…that’s part of my morning writing/prayer rhythm. In the afternoon it’s tea. Bengal spice is my favorite at the moment!

Jen ~ Thank you so much for answering all of my questions! I adore you, and I'm thrilled to be able to share you with my readers. So much of what you've written resonates deeply with me, and I'm sure with many others.

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If you or someone you know, are a homeschooling parent who is in the midst of creative pursuits and would like to contribute to this series, please contact me at crnnoel(at)gmail(dot)com.

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creating in the midst: Gwynn Raimondi

Welcome to Creating in the Midst! This week's interview is with Gwynn Raimondi. Gwynn is a family therapist, women's guide, writer, grief counselor, and homeschooling mom of two. Gwynn reached out to me last year as we were both running online workshops at the same time and we ended up taking each others courses. She's an incredible guide and teacher, as well as a moving writer.  I encourage you to check out her work {links are all at the end of the interview}. I'm thrilled to have Gwynn in this space today!

~Can you tell us a bit about your creative life? Before kids? After kids?

Ha! Before kids I would have told you how I am not creative. How I don't have time for such things. How I had a career and did "real" work (I was an electrical engineer). My daughter taught me the importance of play and how having a creative life is really the only life worth living. She has taught me that being creative doesn't only mean picking up a paintbrush or a pencil, that is about exploring and experimenting and playing and being. It is about having open space. It is about allowing myself to be, right where I am. And sometimes that can look like picking up a paintbrush or a pencil, and it can also look like daydreaming while savoring my coffee or trying a new recipe for dinner or getting us all to the park so we can move and run and be in our bodies. ​

~What does an average day look like at your house?

​Um, chaos? I would say there is no "average" or regular routine. I can count on us all getting up out of bed and food being eaten. Beyond that it all depends on the day and how we are feeling. Sometimes there is a lot of screen time and sometimes there isn't. Sometimes we have play dates at a friends or at our house or at the park. Some days we just explore. Some days we clean. I have been giving myself the gift of getting up before them in the mornings so I have time to breathe and write. And even that ebbs and flows with what the night before was like or what the day ahead has in store for us or if either of them are having growing pains or had a bad dream.​

~Gwynn, you're a writer, homeschooling mama, and a psychotherapist, and you also offer online workshops. Is creativity the thread that ties all of these roles and jobs together? How? ​

Absolutely. First I have to be creative to find time for All The Things. Or at least Some of the Things. Allowing the space for problem solving, outside the box, letting the ebb and flow of priorities shift as it needs in any given day. This is all part of the creative process for me: Letting go of the ideas of how things "should be" or "should go" or "should look like" and not worrying about what others think or don't think about me (and realizing that really, they don't think about me)​. Being true to who I am, opens me up for insights for my clients as well as my kids. I truly feel like every moment of my day is an opportunity for living creatively whether I'm in the office with a client or writing a prompt for one of my online workshops or being with my kids or even sitting enjoying a cup of tea and staring out the window. For me, creativity isn't so much in the doing, but in the being.

~What projects are you currently working on? Do you have any upcoming workshops? 

​I feel like I have my fingers in so many pots right now! I am working on a book that I am really excited about, I'm keeping the details secret for now, in part because I want all my ideas to have the space to be born in their own time. I am hoping to have the first draft complete by the end of the year, but I am not setting a hard or fast deadline right now. I also continuing my work with the (Un)Becoming Circle and am so so SO loving all we are doing there. We are in the second module and I just am amazed every single day by the women in this circle and the growth I see. ​And while we continue our work, I am reimagining the program for the next time I start it in the spring. And I am extremely excited about my 21-day online retreat that starts December 1, called Sacred Self, where we will explore ways to incorporate self-care into our super busy days while digging into the stories that stop us from taking the time to love and honor our Self. And I'm getting back into the practice of writing for my blog and creating stream-of-conscious pieces on Instagram.

While all that is happening online, I'm also working on some in-person workshops and retreats that I'll be offering this coming spring, summer and next fall. And of course I am continuing my work with grieving families and starting my private practice.

~What measures do you take to protect your creativity? 

​I recently started getting up in the mornings before the kids, and getting up early on the weekends (which are my work days). This is a HUGE shift for me and is part of my own self care and honoring who I am and recognizing that I am worthy and deserving of this time to me and to create; that my work is worthy of this time and space. It is feeling really good. And setting boundaries when I am working, particularly on the weekends when my husband is home and taking care of the kids, that my office door is shut and I'm not available and being really clear about that. Yes, every weekend one of them opens the door and tries to talk to me and every weekend I say, I'm working, it needs to wait until X (lunch, dinner, my next break). And it's important to keep reaffirming those boundaries for me to remind myself my work is important and for them to recognize that mama has important work outside of them too.

~Do you create alongside your children? ​

Yes! We do more traditional creating together - coloring, painting, drawing. We also build together and read together and I encourage them both to sit and replenish and daydream with tea too​. :) Also, my daughter (8 yo) and I create intuitive collages together and we just love that time cutting up magazines and arranging it all on our boards or in our journals.

~Do you need absolute silence and space to write, or are you able to carve out moments while in the middle of daily life?

Yes to both. I feel I do my best writing in the early morning silence. And I also take moments in the midst of the day to write a stream-of-conscious piece on Instagram or to create an intuitive collage or to sit and daydream and allow for inspiration to settle into me. ​

~What is the most challenging aspect of being a creative soul and a homeschooling parent?

Honestly, there are never enough hours in the day. I always have more ideas for me and us than we can possibly fit in. This used to frustrate the heck out of me. And I've really come to a place of acknowledging there is a time and a season for Each of the Things, and that I don't have to do them all Right Now. And really I don't want to do them all at once, I want to honor each project and give it its own space and time. And sometimes that means something waits for days or weeks or months while I focus on a different project. ​

~What is the most rewarding aspect? ​

That in most moments of every day I truly love my life and what I am doing; that I feel whole and that I get to raise my kids in a life where their creativity and ideas are honored and encouraged.

And last, but not least... a few quickfire questions:
~What was the last book you read? ​

I'm currently reading (and almost done with) Elizabeth Gilbert's Big Magic. I'm not sure what I'll pick up once I'm done with it. ​

~The last thing you made with your two hands and creativity? ​

The intuitive collage board for my Sacred Self online retreat. The process, and the end product, really helps me focus in on what this retreat wants to be and I am so excited about it!​

~Daily indulgence? ​

TV. Which right now is Gilmore Girls and Once Upon a Time with my daughter or Arrow on my own. ​

~Least favorite daily task? 

​Dishes. ​

~If you had an entire day that was just yours, how would you spend it? ​

Writing,hiking and taking pictures and creating intuitive collages. ​

~Favorite movie?

​Oh, so many!!! But the first one that popped into my head is The Princess Bride. ​

~Coffee or tea? 


Gwynn ~ Thank you so much for being a part of this interview series! I've loved getting to know you through social media, so this was an added bonus to see a bit of the behind the scenes of your daily life. Thank you!

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If you or someone you know, are a homeschooling parent who is in the midst of creative pursuits and would like to contribute to this series, please contact me at crnnoel(at)gmail(dot)com