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Today I'd like to introduce a series that will be unfolding here in the coming weeks: Creating in the Midst.

This past year as I've begun to dive deeper into my writing I've been more intentional with my time, creating space for my words... my art. It's been tricky, to say the least, with two kids at home who are not just vying for attention, but who are my responsibility to educate and walk beside through the day. Homeschooling is a choice that we stand by, and are so thankful for, but that brings with it unique challenges and struggles, especially when trying to fit a writing life into the picture.


While there are endless blog posts, essays, interviews, series, etc... for working parents who create, creative parents in general, and motherhood at large, creating in the midst of homeschooling is a subject that is severely lacking in support and guidance. While I've been able to learn much from all of the groups of work from various parents, this year in particular I've craved words from people who have been in my shoes, who create while also having their children of all ages underfoot.

And so, with Creating in the Midst, we will hear from writers and artists who are passionate about their creative work and who also homeschool {and I'm using the term homeschool to include the wide range of families from unschooling to traditional homeschooling}. Not to exclude any group of parents, but to encourage and learn from this specific group. There are many of us in this boat, trying to navigate our own creative pursuits while also honoring the time, space, and needs of our school age children. This happens regardless of how you chose to education your child, so I hope that many will read this series of conversations with an open mind.


Homeschooling our children brings so much joy and many challenges. Most days there is no nap time. Most days we are not actually at home. Most days don't look like the one before, or the one after. Most days we struggle - like any other parent - to find that elusive balance or even just a smidgen of peace and harmony. In choosing to homeschool we often choose a lifestyle of learning that knows no boundaries, where anything and everything is a life lesson. With that comes time constraints for our pursuits. Mental fatigue. Physical fatigue. And that can do a number on the creative process... the space one needs to hold for forming words and thoughts, let alone stories or essays! But all of these things can also enhance our creative lives.

There is nothing better than walking alongside a child, hearing their insights and seeing the world through their eyes, to expand the horizons of your creativity. 

I've got a wonderful group of homeschooling parents ready to participate in this series, and I look forward to learning from each of them. Our posts will be casual, in a Q&A format. I will be publishing the interviews/conversations here on Mondays as they come in. We might not have a post up every Monday, but keep a look out!

My hope is to encourage not only homeschooling parents, but any parent who feels lost in the depths of parenthood and is having a hard time finding their footing with their creative life. We don't have to give up our pursuits because we also want to have a family, and we don't have to give up the option of homeschooling because of our creative dreams and ambitions.

Everyone's process is different, everyone's lives are different, but hopefully we can find some commonalities and learn from each other... possibly catching that life preserver we all need thrown to us at one time or another on this incredible journey of creating in the midst of it all.


If you are a homeschooling parent who is in the midst of creative pursuits, or know someone who is, and would like to contribute to this series, please contact me at crnnoel(at)gmail(dot)com. 


  1. We do not homeschool, but I love the sound of this and look forward to reading and learning more. And that book cover and title in the last photo are just perfect. xox

  2. I do not homeschool, but I look forward to learning insights from the writers you will feature.

  3. This sounds like a great idea! I am a home educator and am always intrigued by what shape others make their lives into. Looking forward to reading along :)

  4. Very exciting! Can't wait for some inspiration.

  5. Looks like I'm going to find time to do some catch up reading!! Exactly where I am right now.


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