2015... shaking things off


And so it begins, another year. 2014 was the year I spent dwelling on abundance, and low and behold there was much abundance. There was always enough of everything, if not more. Even when it didn't seem like it was possible. Food. Money. Shelter. Love. Patience. Health. 

I was searching for a word to assign to 2015. And then it came to me. Not a word, but an intention. A phrase. The kids both got mp3 players for Christmas, and having recently discovered the incredible world of Taylor Swift, my daughter bops around the house singing "Shake it off... shake it off..." her hips swaying, her eyes dancing, her tiny voice becoming not so tiny. 

This is the year that I will learn to shake it off. To not care what others think. To shake off the comments that aren't really about me, even if they sting. To shake off the slights that come by way of getting cut in line, or a rude person at the post office. Traffic. Misunderstandings. Bad moods. Bad vibes. Because like Taylor says... the hater's are going to hate, hate hate, and the fakers are going to fake, fake, fake, so I'm just going to shake it off, all of it. 

I might even swing my hips, and my voice might even grow while I'm at it... 

Are you focusing on an intention, a word, or a phrase this coming year? I'd love to know what it is! 

{Writing Naturally: Winter begins on Monday... there's still room to join!}

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