grey sky


November is like this. Grey skies. Lots of grey skies. Darkness comes so early in the evenings... it always surprises me, every year. How it can start getting dark, the shadows changing, by 3pm is a mystery to me. It doesn't feel natural, and yet on the other hand it feels comforting and cozy and perfect.

NaNoWriMo is going well... I'm plugging along. The first day began and I struggled to work my way to the word count with my story from last year. It tugged at me, and not in a positive way, for the rest of the day. Sunday came and with it brought a bit of snow, and a lot of relaxing, and finally I was all tucked into my bed with flannel sheets and my laptop and I was ready to write. And then I couldn't. So I scrapped the story, last year's that I was so excited to work on and through, and then I started over. I easily caught up to the previous days word count and kept going. 

There's something to be said for resistance, absolutely. It's always there to help you. The trick is navigating what it means. In some cases it means "yes, the struggle is worth it." In others it's a true sign to let something go. 

I'm still learning those how to navigate the brutal honesty of resistance. 

{can you tell I'm reading The War on Art by Steven Pressfield? There are parts I love and parts I'm just kind of meh about... but it's worth it. I just wish the book were a little bigger because I find it truly award to hold... have you ever read a book like that? It just didn't physically fit... hmm...}

Back to the work, my friends... 


  1. Ugh. It's grey here as well, and I don't do well without the sun. My productivity takes a nose dive, and forget about writing, I couldn't even go running this morning when I'd been looking forward to it all week. What is it about the grey that just saps all the energy and motivation from us?

  2. Interesting that you're the second person this week to mention The War on Art. I'll have to grab it.

  3. I enjoy your picture.

    My husband loves gray skies. It fits his melancholic personality. Me? I prefer sunshine and blue skies. I am a sanguine, though.


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