Look up

Today I looked up. I looked up and saw a new pair of boots worn by a six year old who swayed her hips as she walked, proud of her horse back riding heels. I saw the blue of the sky, the white of the clouds, shingle siding and in a mirror I saw woman who is tired. Who is happy. Today I looked up from stirring the pot on the stove to see eyes begging to help. I looked up and saw a boy who sniffled his way to my side for most of the day, I smelled his hair. I looked down. Today I looked down and saw heads closer to my arm pits than I care to admit, their length astonishing. I looked down and spent an hour playing cards on a granny square blanket in the sunshine. I looked down and saw his smile. Her smile. Them. Today I looked, and I saw beauty.





in response to day two of Poetry in Everyday Beauty...


  1. Love is all around you! And it shines right through you to all of us:)

  2. Lovely observations. And horse riding! So great.


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