Embrace October {a month early!}


October is a special month in our house. Both my husband and I celebrate birthdays... the leaves change... the air is crisp... and we fall in love with our surroundings yet again. We spend more time outside, we pick pumpkins, inside we bake and decorate, it is a colorful season that calls to be celebrated. To be written about. October inspires stories and creativity and activity before the natural hibernation that occurs in the coming months. Lets embrace October. 

This morning I'm opening registration for Writing Naturally: October, an online freewriting course. For two weeks, October 6-17th, we'll focus on writing. Freely, and then more structured. It will be part email instruction, part coaching, all gentle nudging and support. 

Head over to the Writing Naturally: October page for more registration and more information! 

**If you'd like a chance to win a spot in Writing Naturally: October, simply leave a comment on this post. I'll choose a name at random on September 19th!**

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