This morning I'm slowly sipping my tea. The shower hasn't started, we're all lazing around in our pajamas. We have no place to be, except possibly the library later to exchange books. This morning is a deep sigh of relief after a busy start to the week. 


I don't utter that word often. We lead a purposefully un-busy life. It's part of why we homeschool. It's part of why I say no often. It is intentional. It works best for our family. For all of us. When we get too busy things begin to fall apart. There's disconnect. 

So when we are busy, it is not the norm. I forget that busy is the new normal for many. I often hear: "yeah, but that's life. We're all busy." 

It doesn't have to be that way.  Yes, we all have stuff going on. There's always laundry to do. Projects underway. That stuff is life, sure. But not busy. Busy doesn't make a life more or less meaningful. I understand that it's not often a choice, but sometimes it is. That's the kind of busy I'm talking about. The kind of busy that gets worn like a badge of honor. It fills life to the edges. Some people thrive on that, but not all of us. I like a lot of room around my edges.

The first few days of our week were unusually busy. Today I'm glad for some breathing room, for regular life to continue. The burst of busy energy  has gone back into the occasional closet, where it belongs. Not in the forefront of our lives. 

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