straddling fall ideals and the heat of summer...

Last week the weather turned cool and nights were comfortable and mornings perfect for hot tea. This week... the air is hot. This week we started school. This week we dove in and the weather turned and we are straddling fall ideals and the heat of summer and sleepless sticky nights and early productive mornings. Pancake breakfasts and starting school before 9am because we are ready and chomping at the bit for reminders of rhythm and routine and structure. Afternoons turn us towards the beach, or icy drinks at air conditioned coffee shops while we finish school work... 

And I forgot how exhausting starting back is. My brain is mush. My words are used up by mid day. Nap time has never looked so good. I forgot just how much we can pack in a day... I'm waiting for my stamina to build up again, as it always does in Autumn. My zest for life, my energy, and my creativity comes back full force as the weather cools... it's the in between, the straddling, that melts my brain and has me counting down until bedtime. Not for the kids, but for me! 

Over the weekend the first Writing Naturally Workshop met, and it was on a perfect August evening. The light was brilliant, the breeze held up for a while keeping the bugs at bay until the very end, and we wrote. It was breathtaking. I learned much from that evening, and have opened registration for the fall series. If you're local, I hope you'll join me. Next week I'll be sharing about my online offering: Writing Naturally: October. It will be part writing inspiration and instruction, part coaching, and I'm excited to finally have it come to fruition. I've felt *this close* to having a grasp on it for a long, long time. 

I also wanted to share two other offerings that I'll be participating in come September. I'm so excited about both of these e-courses:

Alisha and Robin are offering another round of liberated lines, "an Instagram-based, quick and dirty, poetry and prose course", beginning September 8th. I missed the last session, and wouldn't dare miss this one! Registration for liberated lines - clear is open right now.

Jen at iHappy is offering her first e-course: Poetry in Everyday Beauty. From Jen's description: "In this workshop we will use words and photographs to capture the poetry of our everyday. Each day, for ten days Monday-Friday, you will receive a short essay and a prompt from me that you are then free to use how you wish. Will you feel moved to take pictures? To write your own lines of poetry? To journal? To share with others or to keep close to your heart? It is up to you." Registration is open now {she's offering a buy one, get one deal to share with a friend!} and it also begins on September 8th. 

Lots and lots of goodness, my friends. 








  1. Thank you for sharing. And so happy to have you again this fall. <3

  2. We started back last week too, eager for structure. But I agree, it takes some adjusting. Looking at my fall schedule, I feel like, "Ack! Bring back summer!" We don't even do that much compared to many families, mainly a once-a-week co-op and soccer for the first time this year. But it does take some stamina building! :)

  3. I love your pictures. I am finalizing details for our fall rhythm that i'm planning on beginning again next week. I'm ready for a little bit more structure (but not too much!) to our days.
    Thank you for sharing about the e-course :-)
    And I cannot wait to hear about your workshop!!! I'm ready! :-)

  4. I love your photos too, so pretty! I am wishing for fall and yet I still am catching the last bits of summer while it lingers.


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