mindset of adventure

We woke this morning to crisp air. Not cold. But crisp, without a hit of humidity. Lucas was at a Red Sox game last night, and I might have stayed up way past my bedtime waiting for him to get home... so while I wanted a slow day lounging on the couch, the morning air beckoned and we found ourselves at the park across the river. 

We've walked the trails countless times, but today I suggested packing backpacks with snacks and field guides... "Adventure bags!" one cried out, running upstairs to tuck treasures into hidden pockets of a backpack. 

And so the adventure began. The first pairs of long pants worn in who knows how long... water bottles packed out of habit, not out of necessity due to the sweltering heat. We sauntered. Some cartwheeled. Some ran. We held hands and felt the breeze, and we had ourselves an adventure this morning. Just because of our mindset. Just because of a suggestion. Just because we could. 









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