windswept words written on wings

It floats across the sky like a promise
Windswept words written on wings
and airy clouds

I took Facebook off of my phone this week. And since I rarely turn my computer on during the day, I haven't been checking it much. {need to get a hold of me? Text. Or email. Or find me on Instagram. Just not Facebook!!} 

The noise was just too much. It had been building for a while. The constant pull to check. To see what I was missing. The thought that I would be out of the loop if I wasn't on Facebook a few times an hour. 

For real. 

Isn't that just silly? To think we won't be connected if we aren't on a device. If we are looking at our phones or computers instead of the faces of our children or spouses or friends. If we aren't able to hear ourselves think because we're instead being inundated by what everyone else thinks and does.

I found myself more connected this week. 

On top of that, I've been participating in liberated lines, which has made my other use of social media {instagram} more intentional. I shared in our group that when you are more intentional with your words and photos, it feels like you're offering something - creatively - instead of just shouting LOOK AT ME!!! Look at my awesome life!! 

I'm realizing, while working through Danielle LaPorte's The Desire Map, that I want to feel creative. That is one of the core feelings that my soul desires. Feeling creative and that I'm being heard are the two things I keep coming back to while doing this emotionally draining - but good! - work. 

So by backing off of the places that make me crazy, and focusing on being intentional in a few others, I feel a lot of growth coming. A lot of creativity swelling. A lot of goodness. Quiet, intentional, whispered goodness at times. Stepping back is never a bad thing, especially if it means looking into eyes and seeing real live smiles and catching the subtle moments and movements of our lives...

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