one hurt and joy at a time

{Taken last month when we visited the Peabody Essex Museum, in Salem, MA}

It's a blustery, chance of snow, Monday. We stayed up too late last night watching the final episode of Sherlock on pbs. It's one of our all time favorite series. Even last night as I sat on the edge of my chair looking back and forth from the tv saying to Lucas "I don't like this show at all!!" out of anger as the characters do something that is just NOT what I wanted them to do... I still loved it. Three quarters of the way through I could sit back and say "yes, clever, I see that now, what an incredible story!" But in the middle, it was a bit gut wrenching. Like points of all of our stories. 

I also stayed up late reading about Philip Seymour Hoffman. Heather just wrote an incredibly thoughtful piece on the "choice" of it all. As always, her words bring a bit of clarity and peace. It just flat out stinks. Addiction. Drug use. The comedian and actor Jim Carey tweeted condolences along with this line: "For the most sensitive among us the noise can be too much." Isn't that the truth. 

I think that's it. It's the reminder that yes, the noise can be too much for many of us. We have to be careful. One misstep and it's all gone. So keep on fighting the good fight. Whatever that means for you. Right now I'm on the edge of my seat, screaming that I don't like this. I don't like any of this. The hurts and the loved ones left behind to mourn and the reality that this world can be too much for many of us. Reach out for help, people. If you need it. Please. 

In a little while I'll be back to saying: Yes, Universe, I see what you're doing even though I might not like it all time time. It might not seem fair, or even make sense. But what an incredible story of our world you weave together one moment at a time. One hurt and joy at a time. 


{There's a new little icon over on the side ---------> 
The butterfly, BraveGirl Community. Stacey recently asked if I'd join as a contributor to their community, and I am proud to have said yes. It's a site for folks recovering from all sorts of issues, not just alcohol or other substance abuse. Most here know that I'm more spiritual than religious, so I thought long and hard before accepting as there is a religious undertone. But I think that there's beauty in coming together, telling your truths in any way possible in a safe place. Learning from each other and gaining new insights and perspective. So check it out - my 4 years of sobriety post will be up today, but as you've all read that by now please look through some of the other posts. It's a safe, welcoming space, and I'm happy and proud to be included there.}


  1. It's that sentence by Jim Carrey that I can't stop thinking about, too. It's so right, so true, so absolutely, shiveringly apt. xoxo

  2. I have felt so deeply at times that I just want to run and run and never stop running. The intensity of some parts of life really does feel like too much.
    I'm moved by your writing, my good, kind friend.

  3. I'm happy clappy you are joining Bravegirl Stacy. :) She done good by getting you.

  4. This post has me spilling over, so I'll try to be concise...I LOVE how the writer in you connected all of the dots...LOVE! Your message and Jim Carrey's tweet have my heart beating out of my chest...I feel an overwhelming call to action. I am so proud of your bravery, and (you know how sappy I am) I'm so glad that I met you so many years grateful to be touched by your words.


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