These days I'm reading at a furious pace. A book every two days, if not one a day. I'm going through books like candy. Sometimes I forget who was in what book. Where each was set. I'm reading in a fog, and I'm having trouble seeing headlights and even five feet ahead of me. This time of year is a blur. Coming down from the holiday highs, leaning into the vitamin D deficient lows. So I read. I avoid writing because my creativity feels lost in the fog. I read to keep a hold of words. Some words. Any words. 

And instead of hoping that it will pass, I simply wish to trust that my own words will lead me somewhere. Anywhere. 


Not completely unrelated... I've signed up for Liberated Lines, and would urge anyone who enjoys words and love to do the same. Gift it to yourself, an early Valentine's Day gift perhaps? I am excited to see what Alisha and Robin have in store for us.

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