sick days and spinning rings and pops of yellow


Today has been moving slowly, these cold winter days often do. So cold that my wedding rings spin around my fingers, my  hands have never felt this dainty. We go from one thing to the next. This morning it was a book about finding math in art and the kids didn't even know we were doing schoolwork. Next was a craft left untouched on the shelf from last Valentine's day... good thing February is coming up. I spent an hour on skype with a good friend. We talked about writing. Mothering and writing. The desire {or more like the obsessive want} to write. The words that don't get written. The ones stuck in our heads. On our hearts. We say goodbye and then it's another project with the kids. Today is a sick day, but the kids don't realize the best thing about being sick is doing nothing so we are always doing something. Colds and sniffles and snot wiped on shirts instead of tissues. We make potholders, my fingers turn raw from the fabric absorbing any of the little moisture my hands have left. Chapped from rubbing against the weaving loom pegs. I comment on the pops of yellow that brighten his potholder. Brighten the room. Even my smile. Winter is here and we search for the pops of yellow amid the dry, chapped hands... our days silently decorated with spinning rings.


A few links to share today... 

Justine put together a post where a few friends share their favorite physical spaces in their homes... I was thrilled to participate when she asked! 

Melanie is working on a new project where she dives into Moments in Motherhood. She was at our house last week, and her gallery of photos from the shoot is simply divine {and might have left me speechless!} 


  1. I hope you all feel better soon! I loved making those pot holders when I was little. Talking with a friend about mothering and writing sounds devine! And I absolutely loved both links. Most especially Moments in Motherhood. What gorgeous pictures she took! It's so nice to see you in them! :-)

  2. So this might sound a little weird-stalkerish (I apologize in advance), but looking at your photos from Moments in Motherhood has inspired me on so many levels. Your home is so cozy but it's also a breeding ground for creativity. I'm in love (there's the weird stalker part), and the oh my what a gift to have this documentation.


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