Tuesday, October 29, 2013



It's cold all of a sudden. Two, or was it three..., weeks ago we were wearing shorts, dipping our feet in the ocean... plunging arms down to grab sand dollars, and now it is hide in bed because of the chill cold. Transitions have been sudden this year. They happen without us realizing it, no matter how close we look at each moment, how long an afternoon seems. At the end of the week November will be here, and with it comes Nanowrimo. To be honest, I hoped to transition into a month long writing experiment gracefully. But in reality, I have been hoarding my words, keeping them close, as if doing so will help me spill 50,000 onto the page next month. I've been slow to respond to emails, slow to write here, slow to write grocery lists... 

Diving into the serious writing life, the actual breathing life onto a page thing, is going to feel abrupt, I'm sure. I've lived with my main character for about a month, scribbling down few notes about her, but mostly playing out her life in my head. I have faith that the idea, the setting, the character, will all come together. 

Today has been designated a play day. A forget the math lessons and grammar day. The kids have been running about outside, bread has been baked, a walk in the woods is planned for the afternoon. A little girl has playing fairies on the docket, a boy has trains on the brain. We are stepping back, seeing where we are and what is in the future. We are indulging each other today, for changes are on the horizon and and we all need a bit of fresh air and the knowledge of what is important to propel us forward... holding onto what is only necessary and what brings us joy, while leaving the rest behind. 

Monday, October 21, 2013

'tis the season of gift knitting


'Tis the season of gift knitting. I know some people detest knitting for others... but I am not one of those people. I love knitting from my heart. Each row, each stitch is full of hopes and wishes, prayers for the recipient. Knitting with someone in mind is almost like a mediation on the person. The knitting process becomes a walk down memory lane... movies play in my mind of sweet times with whoever I'm knitting for. And so, each year I always swear that next year I won't bite off quite so much Christmas knitting. But... every year I get giddy with making project lists because it is simply a joy to put so much thought into hand knit gifts. A joy to give to those who appreciate the time and skill each project takes. A joy to imagine a loved one opening and smiling and smoothing a pair of mitts or socks or a hat made just for them. Nothing is more special than bits of yarn knitted together to resemble a gift of warmth from ones heart. 

Friday, October 18, 2013

birthdays and sick days and country roads...


That guy in the picture? It's his birthday today. He found that heart rock, handed it to me, and I saw the grin on his face as rolled his eyes and I aww'ed all over it. It sounds cliche, but he's our rock. In this house. He's the calm one. The sane one. The even tempered and under control one.

Since I wrote last we had my birthday, kids colds, mama colds, mama sinus crapola that turned into days on the couch and my guy taking care of it all. And he did it with ease. Like I said, he's our rock. Yesterday he finally went back to work, and {as I said on instagram} I had the same feeling I had the first day he went back to work after our first babe was born.... that how can I do this feeling. I remember sitting on the steps going from our kitchen the the second floor, the feel of the coarse carpet and the wiggle of the hand rail, holding a soft tiny baby and not being able to say much as Lucas made his lunch and walked out the door that day. I bawled. Cried my eyes out. I knew I could do it, but it's just better with him.We make a good team.

Yesterday, by the afternoon the kids and I were missing him something fierce. So we packed up and went for a quick trip to the beach to calm some nerves and just be. On the way there we listened to a cd Lucas made for me {the same one I mentioned in the last post!} and at one point I turned around and saw my girl belting out John Denver's Country Roads with all of her heart. She smiled and said "Mom, I think THIS is my FAVORITE song ever! Like Daddy!" Yup, like Daddy. I love that he loves John Denver. And I love that he has the song Home by Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros programmed as my ring tone on his phone. And I love that  he's ours and he holds us together simply by being him.

Happy birthday, Lucas :)

Monday, October 7, 2013

yarn, knitting, sheep, and conversation...

This weekend brought a long awaited for event... the Southern Adirondack Fiber Festival! My dear friend and I had planned on this weekend for a girls weekend since spring. Needless to say, we were both very excited, and very ready, for this time together. And what a pleasure it was to spend some quality time with each other. I will say, bookending this trip with a gorgeous drive {even through the rain} that was filled with tunes from a mix cd my husband made for me was also a highlight... {High Fidelity anyone? The mix tape is alive and well as far as we are concerned!}

There was much yarn. Much food. Much conversation. Much exploring. And much knitting.  Always, much knitting!

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