Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Healthy obsessions


While we enjoy the last few weeks of summer, I'm making intentional space for daydreaming, and for healthy obsessions...  or guilty pleasures... such as:

~My engagement ring. It was safely put away in my jewelry box for a time... probably the last bread baking phase I was in, as dough and diamonds don't really mix! This week I pulled it out and have been mesmerized by the sparkles. Next week we'll celebrate eight years of marriage... and I'm amazed, as always, how much we've grown together with the years and how much more we have yet to learn. 

~Iceland. The country. It's calling me, for real. 

~All things British. Tea. The Royal family {that new little baby!}. Their TV shows. The accent. Thank goodness for my daily dose with the guest host on The Daily Show this summer!

~On that note, The Daily Show. Where would we be without a little comedy to help us ingest the often disturbing state of affairs that is the news?? 

~Autumn. I'm dreaming of wearing my cozy knits, smelling fall in the air, and pumpkin EVERYTHING. Plus, I have a few adventures coming up in September and October that I am so very excited about! 

~Jane Austen and her novels. {this could go along with the whole British thing...}Sense and Sensibility took a while to grow on me, but I so enjoyed Pride and Prejudice as well as Persuasion, that I kept plugging along and it finally won me over. Now I'm into Northanger Abbey, and am smitten with Austen's clever writing. 

~Sock knitting. Turning the heel, working the gussets, knitting socks is quite an adventure!

And so... there is a peek into a few things that occupy my brain these days. 
Will you tell me, what are a few of your healthy obsessions or guilty pleasures? 

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Purple inspirations

July 24, 2013 007

Right now inspiration is coming in waves of dusk {tern by Quince} and midnight {Merino DK String Theory} and pansy {Smocked Scarf kit by Purl Soho}. These colors are being infused into my every day. The softness of yarn and the sweetness that lies in a light flirty scarf are keeping my head dreaming of places and comforts far and near. Thinking of home being wherever your feet are steady and your heart is warmed.

On a whim I looked up the qualities of the color purple... and low and behold a page about color psychology came up and I'm now left smiling finding bits of myself based upon a favorite color. It's funny where inspirations can take you...

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

From farm to table

Blueberry picking at our local farm, plus two kids who are able to fill their buckets to the top without help, yielded quite the harvest yesterday. And now, I'll let the photos do the talking... 










Wednesday, July 17, 2013

the creative life

We are entering the half of the summer that is open. Wide open. The first half had traveling, dates booked on the calendar, hurrying to and from and being elsewhere. This second half, we are home. I'm enjoying iced tea in blue mason jars, and getting a few projects done that I haven't had open days for. I'm creating right and left, and am full of a drive for making and doing and being. Perhaps the reason is that school is out and the creative space in my brain I use for lesson planning and teaching is on holiday and there is room for my projects. 

It's shocking to me how much space homeschooling takes up in my brain. We are not that structured {or disciplined, to be honest...} and I pretty much follow my kids cues and answer their questions with learning opportunities and fill in with the basics. But it all takes up space in my head. Learning at home means literally learning at every corner and using every inch of the day because it is our lifestyle. And I love it. The kids love it. 

However, it takes summer to make me realize how much work it is. And with space and a bit of distance from the lesson planner, I realize there has always been a part of my brain that says I have all this time, I should be doing something else. When really? Homeschooling, in this season, is it. Writing here is enough. To be creative, to live a creative life, means so many different things for different people. Creating our days is using a creative part of the mind. Knitting is creative. Sewing projects are creative. 

I had been holding onto writing as my creative endeavor. Then I realized I didn't like writing what I thought I would want to write, and it opened my eyes to the fact that maybe writing isn't the THING I do. Maybe the thing I do is simply living creatively, bringing creativity into every ounce of my day. Teaching it to my kids. Living it in my choice of mason jar cups and taking it with me to a yarn shop when choosing colors and textures. 

And so I feel a shift coming, thanks to the openness that summer allows. A shift towards the open creative life. Maybe I've been here all along... and it's time to own it, and live in the creative openness. 

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Monday, July 1, 2013

dripping with summer


We were traveling all last week. From family to friends and home again. We are back to beach curls and salty kisses. Truthfully, we're only home for a few days and then we hit the road again for another few days, then home for two or three and back out... this first part of July on the calendar is thick like the air is with humidity. We are dripping with summer. 

I made a pitcher of sweet tea this morning. It came out a bit weak, but I'll take it. I'm sipping from a tinted mason jar, the ice cubes clinking against glass until they disappear and the glass sweats and I hold it to my neck and it drips and cools...