'tis the season of gift knitting


'Tis the season of gift knitting. I know some people detest knitting for others... but I am not one of those people. I love knitting from my heart. Each row, each stitch is full of hopes and wishes, prayers for the recipient. Knitting with someone in mind is almost like a mediation on the person. The knitting process becomes a walk down memory lane... movies play in my mind of sweet times with whoever I'm knitting for. And so, each year I always swear that next year I won't bite off quite so much Christmas knitting. But... every year I get giddy with making project lists because it is simply a joy to put so much thought into hand knit gifts. A joy to give to those who appreciate the time and skill each project takes. A joy to imagine a loved one opening and smiling and smoothing a pair of mitts or socks or a hat made just for them. Nothing is more special than bits of yarn knitted together to resemble a gift of warmth from ones heart. 

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