hair dancing in the wind

Yesterday I met a friend for tea first thing in the morning. I arrived at the coffee shop first and I sat with my pumpkin chai latte and a book, simultaneously people watching and glancing at words on the page. In the few minutes I waited, I couldn't help but feel a bit thrilled just to be sitting. Without keeping an eye on my babes. Without having to rush out and be somewhere. Not going through the drivethru, just sitting.

After my friend arrived we moved to the outdoor seating. We sat for a few hours, basking in the warmth of the September sun, talking about kids and parents and marriage...

I'm surprised, after nearly 7 years of motherhood, that I forget. I forget how important it is to go out in the world with just myself, or meet a friend. To get out and turn the music up in the car as loud as I want, windows down, hair dancing with the wind.


  1. I totally love those moments. I always loved windows down and music up, but now it's something that is really savored on those (few) moments when I am in the car alone.

  2. Fills you up doesn't it.
    I have more time now by myself, I so remember those few -stolen moments.

  3. what a lovely name you have.

  4. Sounds glorious. I love those last few sentences.

  5. Solitude like that is a gift I find to be sacred. One day, when I am old, I will be wistful for noise and stress and expectations. But right now, I long for just that kind of morning.

  6. Oh yes! Not just important, but necessary. It's good to see/hear you again. xo


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