apple tradition

Every autumn my mother comes to visit. With her visits our days are full, spent outdoors when we can and filling up on New England charm and tradition and colors... yesterday we spent the day at the orchard across town. The pictures look the same every year, just the height of the children seems to change! This year they are taller and filled our bags faster and fuller than years past. Tradition. That's what this is. A timeless gift to pass along. 
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  1. New England is a dreamy and beautiful place and I love that your mother was with you to share in the harvest!

  2. Your kids are adorable! I'm hoping to get to an apple orchard very soon too. Enjoy your apples!

  3. What a lovely day to spend apple picking- your children and your mom are so sweet - beautiful smiles. (We used to live in Rhinebeck NY. and when fall came we love picking apples with our kids)

  4. Corinne, that's true. They grow so fast ?..., goodness, I am not even ready !!...& We too love apple picking...but I bet it is way more awesome in New England than it is over here. xo

  5. What a lovely tradition you have created for your children. One I am sure they will carry with them all their lives.
    Could your kids be any more beautiful? :)


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