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 And now we're here, the day before school starts. There's an apple pie in the oven, the air has changed, and autumn is within reach. I'll happily take it! 

I sat with our big stack of school books and my planner this afternoon. It didn't take long to get into the swing of writing out what I hope to get to this coming week. I filled in boxes with book titles and art project ideas, sharpened pencils and after the kids go to bed I will fill their art desk with new supplies and straighten our dining room/school room out a bit in preparation for the morning. 

We are ready for the school year. This homeschooling thing is less frightening than it was last year. Our second year in and I think the biggest thing I know now is not to over prepare. To leave lots of room for change, to not set specific "will do this many math pages..." because ultimately there will be a day that we fall behind or leap ahead, and if I have set numbers written down my head thinks we must do set numbers. 

This year, I know not to limit ourselves. 


 In knitting news... I put a pattern out into the Ravelry world yesterday! I'm sure there are many "shoulds" in terms of releasing a pattern, and I'm sure you should do it on a weekday, but I wanted to get it off my plate before the start of school. I caught the designing bug, and am starting small. The pattern, Autumn Crisp Cuffs, is for a pair of boot cuffs. I wrote the pattern with directions for both bulky weight and worsted weight yarn. The cables are plaited, so they keep their integrity when stretched around the leg. 

 The worsted weight version {below} uses Quince and Co's Lark:
  Aug 24, 2013 006 

 And the bulky weight version uses Lamb's Pride Bulky {though I would love to make a pair in Quince's Osprey!}
  Aug 24, 2013 002

Honestly, it was great fun to go through the process of creating a pattern, and then putting it out there! I would love to, and plan to, do more with bigger projects {shawls, eventually a sweater...} but realistically I think it will happen after the holidays.Or at least after the bulk of my holiday knitting is over, as I have quite a bit in my queue {plus a few knits for myself...} that I've been looking longingly at for quite some time. It's time to get a move on and let the needles fly! 


The pie smells about done, and dinner is just around the corner. I'm ready for a quiet evening, looking at how big the kids have gotten, wondering how it is possible to have a first grader and a kindergartner! Oh yes, we will marvel, and then send them to bed with bellies full of apple pie and await the dawn of another school year...


  1. Happy first day of school tomorrow, Corinne. I know that you will pace yourself perfectly. And congratulations on the design. You go chica! ... The air here has not changed. It is 86! AND I LOVE LOVE LOVE it!!! Yes, that deserved three exclamation points.

    Enjoy the pie!

  2. I love this Corinne! Apple pie and a flexible schedule sounds like the perfect way to begin a brand new year.

  3. My first year homeschooling and I feel lost at sea. I think I'm over thinking. :) It is very relieving to hear it gets less overwhelming.

    Forgive me for my absence from the blogging world, but I'm dipping back in, so I will be archive reading your blog. I have greatly missed reading your beautiful, calming words. :)

  4. Balance. Peace and calm and just enough is what I feel when I read. As I grow in the notion of not over planning/measuring everything/much of anything in life...the quality of what I'm living greatly improves. You're blessed to be touching on this and embracing it with your kids still so young! HUGS!


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