Season of prep

We start school a week from today. A week! Part of me feels like I should be anxiously running around in circles prepping for our second year of homeschooling. The other part realizes that stressing makes me unhappy.... and so I'm doing some mental decluttering and mostly just knitting and day tripping and being and relaxing before getting out the planner and filling in the blanks.

And so, I'll leave you with a few photos...







  1. My planner is buried! I like it that way:) Fynn is getting so tall! And Paige is a dear heart, that smile!!!

  2. lovely, lovely... your boy is looking pretty big in that photo! and OH! queen ann's lace and Pinocchio noses {sigh} sometimes I just miss home.

  3. the pictures are lovely...i hope the first day of school transitioned well for you. I can relate. we start school on Monday here in nyc, and for the first time both our little girls will be in school at the same time. i am not sure how its going to feel and i am tiny bit nervous ( they are excited, so that's good :).... your blog is adorable !!


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