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We are entering the half of the summer that is open. Wide open. The first half had traveling, dates booked on the calendar, hurrying to and from and being elsewhere. This second half, we are home. I'm enjoying iced tea in blue mason jars, and getting a few projects done that I haven't had open days for. I'm creating right and left, and am full of a drive for making and doing and being. Perhaps the reason is that school is out and the creative space in my brain I use for lesson planning and teaching is on holiday and there is room for my projects. 

It's shocking to me how much space homeschooling takes up in my brain. We are not that structured {or disciplined, to be honest...} and I pretty much follow my kids cues and answer their questions with learning opportunities and fill in with the basics. But it all takes up space in my head. Learning at home means literally learning at every corner and using every inch of the day because it is our lifestyle. And I love it. The kids love it. 

However, it takes summer to make me realize how much work it is. And with space and a bit of distance from the lesson planner, I realize there has always been a part of my brain that says I have all this time, I should be doing something else. When really? Homeschooling, in this season, is it. Writing here is enough. To be creative, to live a creative life, means so many different things for different people. Creating our days is using a creative part of the mind. Knitting is creative. Sewing projects are creative. 

I had been holding onto writing as my creative endeavor. Then I realized I didn't like writing what I thought I would want to write, and it opened my eyes to the fact that maybe writing isn't the THING I do. Maybe the thing I do is simply living creatively, bringing creativity into every ounce of my day. Teaching it to my kids. Living it in my choice of mason jar cups and taking it with me to a yarn shop when choosing colors and textures. 

And so I feel a shift coming, thanks to the openness that summer allows. A shift towards the open creative life. Maybe I've been here all along... and it's time to own it, and live in the creative openness. 

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  1. I love the peek into your day... and your mind! summer has been much the same for us... travelling for weeks and now, just rest (and work...grrr!) but I am looking forward to days of nothing or something or anything I choose to make them!!!

  2. I absolutely can't think of a word that describes you better than "creative". I've always thought of you that way beyond the words you write. It's the pictures, and the objects and subjects in them. And the little berry hat that my baby wore in her infancy. That's going in her keepsake box, by the way, although (ahem) we still need to get a box for that :)

    I love reading you coming to your own in this space.

  3. I'm so happy to have internet again to be able to comment on blogs again. For some reason I could read, but not comment, on my phone.

    "It's shocking to me how much space homeschooling takes up in my brain." Yes, it was shocking to me also last year just doing Kindergarten how consuming it was. Maybe because it was my first year. But it takes me planning and researching at times that take up space in my day and head outside of actual "lesson time."

    I'm glad you're willing to be flexible with out you think of yourself and your creativity. I set aside being a "photographer" in the professional sense because I felt my love for it lacking and it became stressful to me, if it wasn't something I was going to do full-time. My brain only had so much space. But it was kinda hard to let go, despite the relief I felt to now focus more fully on my love of writing that has been with me my whole life. I think photography provided more immediate satisfaction, money, and was "seen" by others so I felt more validity in doing it? I don't know, but it was an interesting process.

    We spent the first half of our summer moving and getting organized. Now the rest of the summer beckons, and like you, I'm excited for what awaits!

  4. If writing is not the thing, how is it that you are able to define my lifestyle in the space of a few paragraphs and help me to see myself in the mirror of your reflection?
    You wouldn't believe me if I told you that for a month I have been writing so so much less and living so much more. Making stuff. Cooking meals. Working in my garden and exercising. Maybe I have just spent too much time online in the last few years to even have enough of an attention span to write my book. I sometimes wonder if it's necessary in a world of so much text.
    Home education is stretching me to keep learning and relearning and that does become very consuming! I love the way you describe it stretching out to all the corners of the mind. This is our engagement and immersion with the minds of our children, a blessing that will enrich life for years.

  5. I've read & re-read this post quite a few times since you posted. I love it. I LOVE the mason jars full of sweet tea! (Thank you for sending along the recipe by the I just need to make it!) We don't homeschool (yet) but I've been thinking about it way too much for the past few months. I think I should take these last months of summer to set it aside & just bring the creativity into our lives even more. Just that is a perfect lesson!

  6. There are no rules to creativity! Live and choose to be creative as you choose. And you do it well!



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