Healthy obsessions


While we enjoy the last few weeks of summer, I'm making intentional space for daydreaming, and for healthy obsessions...  or guilty pleasures... such as:

~My engagement ring. It was safely put away in my jewelry box for a time... probably the last bread baking phase I was in, as dough and diamonds don't really mix! This week I pulled it out and have been mesmerized by the sparkles. Next week we'll celebrate eight years of marriage... and I'm amazed, as always, how much we've grown together with the years and how much more we have yet to learn. 

~Iceland. The country. It's calling me, for real. 

~All things British. Tea. The Royal family {that new little baby!}. Their TV shows. The accent. Thank goodness for my daily dose with the guest host on The Daily Show this summer!

~On that note, The Daily Show. Where would we be without a little comedy to help us ingest the often disturbing state of affairs that is the news?? 

~Autumn. I'm dreaming of wearing my cozy knits, smelling fall in the air, and pumpkin EVERYTHING. Plus, I have a few adventures coming up in September and October that I am so very excited about! 

~Jane Austen and her novels. {this could go along with the whole British thing...}Sense and Sensibility took a while to grow on me, but I so enjoyed Pride and Prejudice as well as Persuasion, that I kept plugging along and it finally won me over. Now I'm into Northanger Abbey, and am smitten with Austen's clever writing. 

~Sock knitting. Turning the heel, working the gussets, knitting socks is quite an adventure!

And so... there is a peek into a few things that occupy my brain these days. 
Will you tell me, what are a few of your healthy obsessions or guilty pleasures? 


  1. I have a new print that says "Carry on and read Jane Austen." I'm ready for autumn too. And love tea.

  2. Jane Austen is deliciously wonderful! She is one of the writers that I avoided analyzing in college and am so thankful not to have ruined the simple pleasure of just enjoying the story. Lately my healthy obsessions are outdoor runs, yard work and fresh garden vegetables. I've also started writing my book, which is easier and also more difficult that I expected.

  3. Can't wait for fall. And I love Iceland and Holland and all those Scandanavian places. I knew there was a reason I liked you so much.

  4. I will be your fall naysayer today. ;) I am NOT ready for fall. I am fighting it with all my being. However I could be talked into a lengthy Persuasion novel.

    "You pierce my soul. I am half agony, half hope. Tell me that I am not too late, that such precious feelings are gone for ever." ... swoooon!

  5. Such a lovely list. All very 'healthy' obsessions I think! And we are in love with the Daily Show - John O is doing a great job. There are few things that make my husband laugh out loud like this show - and he needs his daily dose of that!


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