summer mornings

This morning is perfect. It's not yet hit 70 degrees, there are a few clouds in the sky, and the breeze is playing with the towels that were left outside through last nights rainstorm on the porch. Gently swinging them back and forth, airing them out and making them fresh.

The kids are in the next room over watching Martha Speaks.  I'm waiting for their show to end so my yoga video can begin. My tea sits next to me, cold pizza is on the table for breakfast. Strawberry picking is on the agenda later this morning.

I can sense the summer shift happening. The kids are finding longer stretches of time for just being. For a while we were sinking a bit, in this vast open sea of summer. Without lessons or math problems or a planner filled with ideas. I'm taking the summer off. Hardly any craft projects are being planned by me. I spent the entire school year doing the things that I see on pinterest on the "keep your kids busy this summer" boards where activities are planned, orchestrated, played out with the mama's hand.

But for this summer, I am done.

I will play countless games of Uno. I will watch train tracks be built and I will perhaps go on rides. I will read and listen to countless stories. Checkers will be mastered. There will be playing with dolls. We will paint. We will draw. We will snuggle and hike and swim and lounge and picnic and simply be.

And maybe, just maybe, bits of this will carry on to the school year. We will have less scheduled and we will do more. Simplicity is calling all of our names, and instead of saying that we must outdo simplicity, I'm thinking it's time to welcome her into our home with open arms.

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