From the mountains...


My heart did flip flops this weekend. We spent three days up in the White Mountains for an end of the school year celebration at Story Land. And while the kids had an absolute blast at the park - rides and ice cream and splash pads and face painting and gift shops galore - it was the mountains that thrilled me. There was a moment of realization. It might have been Saturday nigh at a scenic overlook, where the light and shadows and rain clouds illuminated the countless mountains. It might have been the two hours spent at Echo Lake on Sunday morning, where the water was clear and kids fished for tadpoles and we only needed to speak in a whisper to be heard. Or it might have been on the ride home, counting off the things that would be oh-so-nice about living in the mountains with access to clear lakes for swimming, kayaking, canoeing. And all that fresh air... 

Whenever it was, I realized that this ocean girl might have a bit of mountain love in her. 

And that has shocked me. Stirred something in me. The result is yet to be seen. But for the first time in a while, I feel utterly awake and in love with a place I had long forgotten.

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