A progression...

Years ago, when my firstborn was still an infant, I started a blog. I started it to share stories about him, our days, share photos and keep grandparents up to date with our life. It was titled The Story of Fynn. And then my daughter was born, and I changed the title to The Story of Fynn and Paige. Eventually I met other mommy bloggers and I changed my blog again, this time to Trains, Tutus and Tea Time. There was a bit of everyone in that title, I thought. Through the time spent on that blog I met many writers. Artists. I went to blog conferences and had many coffee dates which were started by conversations online. And then I felt the title didn't fit, again, and I changed blogs once more, to Weaving in the Ends.

And then I stopped writing online. Nothing seemed to fit. In my mind I kept going back to "does this piece fit on this blog? But the title...."

This writing online and sharing online is a tricky thing. A personal thing. And for me, in order for it to be personal it has to be comfortable. And trying on the hats of different titles never seemed to work out very well. I would put the preconceived (by me) notion of what needed to be on the blog in front of what I wanted to write. What I had to write. And so I stifled myself for a bit.

Which leads me to here. Now. I want a place to share my writing, but I don't want to have the "out" of not fitting with the blog name or title or url.

So I'm writing on a site that is my name. Corinne Noel Cunningham. That's me. And if I can't write whatever the heck I want under my own name, then I really have issues. So here I will write and share and not call this a blog but instead a place where I can share my writing.

And I'm happy to invite you here. To have you here. Thank you for being here.

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