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Where I'm From

This is an exercise that makes the rounds every now and then. I brought it out for my creative writing students yesterday. It's such a versatile, meaningful exercise that sounds good no matter how simple the vocabulary you use. I remember using it in a workshop, and then writing another version when I was blogging years ago. If you're interested, here's a template you can use to create your own poem, and more information on the author who I believe started the whole thing.  If you write your own version, let me know, I'd love to read it! 
Where I'm From
I am from Ten Rod Road, garden hoses and sprinklers all summer long, Ball jars that pop on sticky afternoons, and T's salsa. 
I am from shared bedrooms, revolving furniture, forever open doors. 
I am from the daffodil beds, the tire swing, the scent of lilacs on spring breezes. 
I am from shoes set out for Saint Nicholas, Easter dresses and patent leather, from deep and long held grudges, from Dorothy and Rae, Ma…

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