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How to be kind to yourself...

find quiet layer on the blankets binge watch your favorite show holiday themed or not enjoy endless warm drinks cup the mug and feel the heat transfer feel it come alive in your hands read aloud to yourself, a pet, a loved one feel the words on your tongue and how they long to be savored slow change traditions to bring joy save traditions to bring joy throw out traditions to bring joy bring joy feel sorrow as it comes - it will stand outside in the frigid air  and watch your breath swirl around you listen for sleigh bells remember there is a season for everything take a bath let the steam surround you feel the pull of water over and under the body  as the tub drains linger over dinner over dishes over life share your expectations if you have them but try not to have too many don't wallow in 'why didn't they' ask 'can you?' listen to your body as it tells you to rest allow yourself your feelings honor what rises what swells what cal…

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