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Rabbit holes and memory lane

Me and Paige, Florida 2017. By Lucas.
The other day I went down a rabbit hole on YouTube. Have you watched the Great British Bake Off? On one of the seasons (I can't remember which one...) there was a tall firefighter named Matt. Well, he and his wife now have a YouTube channel to share about their lives with two young children, called The Life of Riley. It's adorable, sweet, funny, and brutally honest about what life is like as parents of two children under the age of three.

I won't tell you how many of their videos I watched over the weekend, but it was a lot. The reason I so enjoy their videos is because they remind me of when my children were that age. Fynn and Paige are 21 months apart, and so juggling a toddler and an infant was so very familiar.

My children are now 11 and 9, and parenting them is much, much, much different them than parenting toddlers and babies.

Now, if you have small children, don't worry. I'm not about to tell you to enjoy every moment b…

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